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Active Ingredient Concentrates and how they work

14 september 2017


What are active ingredient serums?

Sensitive Skin Complex, Pro-Immune Serum, Age Perfecting Serum, Skin Balancing Complex ... Active ingredient concentrates and serums, sometimes called Complexes, are part of most product lines, but what are they exactly? Do they replace the normal skin care cream and if not, when to use a serum/complex? Hannelore Thoma, our skin care expert has all the answers:
Simply put, the use of a concentrate or a serum, increases the desired effects of a care cream for a faster and visible success.

Active ingredient concentrates contain three times as much active ingredients as a cream, in the highest possible concentration. Through the high concentration of active substances they unfold their effects even in the deepest layers of the skin.

Because of the light texture (complexes or sera are usually thin-liquid or gel-like), they penetrate into the skin more quickly and work there over a longer period of time.
However, there are also oil-based concentrates. They are used when the skin surface is to be improved quickly or the skin feeling has to be optimized.

A serum (complex, concentrate) is therefore a purpose-oriented care product, which is suitable for treatments of disturbing skin problems or as short-term, intensive extra care. For such a cure, the product should be applied regularly for the duration of the treatment (few weeks) under the normal day / night care.

Only then will the changes become visible and sustainable, because the ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin have sufficient time to process the ingredients thoroughly.

How do you use active ingredient serums?

Whenever the skin shows disturbing changes, e.g. increased dryness, tenderness, roughness and irritation, it is advisable to use the active substance concentrates over a longer period of time. The serum contains precisely the active ingredients needed to tackle the problem.

What can be achieved with active ingredient serums?

Especially in anti-aging treatment, active ingredient concentrates are true all-rounders, they activate, regenerate, tighten, moisten, boost energy, minimize wrinkles and lines, and keep the skin fresh and smooth for longer.

The absolute power boost for concentrate and care fans is the sandwich method, in which different sera are combined with different treatment steps on top of each other in order to actively treat several skin problems in one go.

How are active ingredient serums integrated in the daily skin care routine?

But beware! Serums can not replace normal daily care. They are seen only as a plus to the daily care routine. They are also no substitute for masks and peelings. On the contrary, the combination of a serum with a mask brings extraordinary results. First, the concentrate is applied to the skin and then a thin layer with the cream mask. This way the serum is held longer on the skin by the creamy, lipid-containing layer of the mask, which intensifies the penetration of the active ingredient concentrate into the skin.

If the mask is applied thinly enough, it is the ideal "good night" care for the skin, which brings the optimal dosage of active ingredients into the depth of the skin during the regeneration phase in the night and at the same time nourishes the skin with firming substances and valuable oils (antioxidants).

So sera, masks and peelings complete the skin care at home optimally and thus intensify the success of the skin care efforts.

Skin care steps with active ingredient serums

Before applying the serum, the skin must first be thoroughly cleansed, otherwise neither serum nor care creams can have an effect. An unprepared (uncleansed) skin is a barrier that the small molecules of the care products cannot pass. For more information, see also our skin care expert’s advice on cleansing and the optimal preparation of the skin for further care.



So it can be concluded that a consequent use of a serum results in a lasting improvement of the skin in a short time.

Our active ingredient serums

Order the skin care product optimized for your skin type and intensify the care success for a smooth and fresh complexion!

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