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Enjoyable tanning with effective sun protection

29 mei 2017

The sunny days of summer are now here and it is high time to take care of sun protection for the skin. No doubt – humans need sunlight to live: it stimulates circulation, increases the oxygen levels in the blood and creates the hormone serotonin, which lifts your mood. Sunlight strengthens immunity and helps the body to create vitamin D. But watch out! Too much sun also causes stress for the body. The fact that UV rays are invisible makes them even more complicate. Their effect on the skin is not always visible immediately, with the exception of sunburn. Wrinkles, pigment spots and clear loss of elasticity: the unpopular and irreparable signs only come to the forefront when the skin’s own repair mechanisms are all exhausted.

Take advantage now of our sun screen sale in our shop:

3 ampoules of moisturizing Hyaluron Fluid for FREE with each Face Guard Advanced! Even sensitive or dry skin can now enjoy the warm sunshine without dehydrating.

Or order our Sun Shield SPF 30 or Sun Shield SPF 50 and get one After Sun Lotion for FREE!

With these you are perfectly equipped for the upcoming sunny summerdays and can enjoy tanning with effective sun protection.

* Alle prijzen BTW inb. - Vrachtkosten niet inbegrepen