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Perfect Age-Management for the skin: MATURE SKIN from JANSSEN COSMETICS

14 juli 2017

In its 20th anniversary year, JANSSEN COSMETICS presents the new MATURE SKIN range - a unique, luxurious anti-aging line based on a highly effective and innovative combination of active ingredients. The skincare line has been developed specifically for the needs of mature skin. Natural ingredients work perfectly together with the latest technology, meaning that MATURE SKIN caters for every single sign of aging. Be it wrinkles, sallow skin, loss of elasticity, or age spots, MATURE SKIN activates the skin’s natural renewal process and visually conceals minor blemishes. The exclusive anti-aging regime from JANSSEN COSMETICS is available only from institutes and from the online store.

Innovative technologies combined with perfect formulas

MATURE SKIN from JANSSEN COSMETICS is based on the innovative Cellular Regeneration Complex (CRC), made from Red Clover and fermented Black Tea Kombucha. Red Tea Extract is rich in Isoflavones, contributes rich moisture and regenerates the skin’s matrix. The “fungus of long life”, as Kombucha is also known, improves vibrancy in the skin and creates a wonderful rosy complexion. What’s more, Kombucha has a positive effect on the stimulation of the skin’s own fat cells and therefore acts as a natural, skin-smoothing lipofiller.

It’s not just MATURE SKIN’s innovative Cellular Regeneration Complex that impresses - it also contains proven ingredients such as long and short-chain hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C and E, skin-protecting alpine rose and vitalising acacia silk. Perfect formulas, exceptional textures and a subtle scent combination make MATURE SKIN the ultimate anti-aging skincare experience. For a youthfully fresh and radiant complexion along with firm, even and smooth skin!

At a glance: the exclusive anti-aging concept from JANSSEN COSMETICS:



This luxurious purifying balm is the ground-breaking face cleanser for mature skin! The delicate gel texture changes as it is used: Upon massaging the product into dry skin, the MULTI ACTION CLEANSING BALM turns into a rich oil. When rinsed with water, the texture then becomes a milky emulsion. Skin becomes smooth but still thoroughly cleansed of make-up, oil and dirt particles, and all the while maintaining the very best in care. The new MULTI ACTION CLEANSING BALM contains murumuru butter, apricot kernel oil and evening primrose oil to strengthen the skin’s barrier. Moisture-rich extracts of raspberry stem cells and vitamin A have an antioxidising effect. For a wonderful feeling of suppleness – also suitable for sensitive skin!


This mild, alcohol-free face tonic, innovatively based on micelles, gently removes residue left behind by cleansing products, and has a moisturising, refreshing and revitalising effect. The ground-breaking micellar technology allows for a thorough cleanse by enveloping spherical dirt particles and then gently releasing them from the skin. Saccharide isomerate and long-chain hyaluronic acid also provide the skin with long-lasting moisture. The new MICELLAR SKIN TONIC stabilises and regenerates the skin’s acid protective layer and lends a soothing feeling of suppleness and freshness to mature skin.



This clear and gentle liquid enzyme peeling gel is the ideal way to prepare the skin for a thorough care routine packed with active ingredients! Through the gentle removal of uneven dead skin cells, the skin’s surface becomes smoothed out, without mechanical irritation. The new SKIN REFINING ENZYME PEEL is based on the enzyme Subtilisin, obtained through biotechnology. Through the special patented procedure, the enzymes are stabilised and only become active upon application to the skin. They loosen the material that binds dead skin cells and stimulate cell regeneration. The result is a noticeably smoother skin texture and a refreshed, even appearance.


This firming anti-aging care with Cellular Regeneration Complex improves tension in the skin, visibly improves the skin’s texture and makes the complexion shine with freshness and youth! Thanks to long-chain hyaluronic acid and Saccharide Isomerate, the skin-smoothing formula provides the skin with an abundance of soothing moisture, causing the complexion to shine brighter in an instant. Vitamin A palmitate also supports the skin’s natural renewal process and repairs minor damage such as UV exposure. The new PERFECT LIFT CREAM is the perfect facecare for mature skin and thanks to its light texture, it is perfectly suited for use as a make-up primer.



This regenerating anti-aging care is the even more sumptuous alternative to the Perfect Lift Cream. The new RICH RECOVERY CREAM was intentionally developed as a water-in-oil emulsion, so that it leaves behind a protective film on the skin and supports the skin’s barrier-like qualities. With CRC, Vitamin A palmitate, macadamia nut oil, shea butter and squalane.


The highly effective regenerating Creme Mask is the ultimate in intensive skincare for mature, dried-out skin that has lost its tension and ability to regenerate. The rich formula with CRC, long and short-chain hyaluronic acids, macadamia nut oil, cupuacu butter and vitamin A palmitate soothingly eases tension and has a revitalising effect.



This high-performance anti-aging Serum with CRC is the perfect complement to the MATURE SKIN routine. The robust skincare concentrate in a light gel emulsion intensifies the range’s effectiveness. The new AGE PERFECTING SERUM visibly improves the skin’s texture and firmness. Long and short-chain hyaluronic acids offer soothing moisture. Vitamin E and C protect the skin from cell damage caused by free radicals. For maximum radiance, a complexion full of luminosity and an especially fresh and youthful appearance!


Thanks to the high-performing active ingredients of the Cellular Regeneration Complex, this regenerating anti-aging serum supports the skin’s overnight repair mechanism. Extract of acacia silk promotes the visible reduction of signs of tiredness. Short and long-chain hyaluronic acids offer intensive moisture and stem cells from the alpine rose plant strengthen the skin’s barrier. The skincare concentrate NIGHT RECOVERY SERUM combats diverse signs of aging throughout the night and presents visibly better skin by morning.



The new TRI-CARE EYE CREAM is a firming eyecare product with 3-way action for mature skin. The sumptuous formula contains CRC, Vitamin A and E and light-scattering pigments for the visual reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, plus macadamia nut oil, shea butter and long, as well as short-chain hyaluronic acids. Under-eye shadows and bags are reduced, suppleness and elasticity are improved and lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Eye make-up will last longer!


These skin-smoothing, single-dose skincare capsules perfectly round off JANSSEN’s range for mature skin in need of regeneration. ISOFLAVONIA RELIEF increases the density of connecting tissue, improves the skin’s texture, prevents sunlight-related aging of the skin and supports the skin’s own regeneration process.  The softly melting gel texture of a capsule enables precise application to the face, neck and décolletage. With Helichrysum Italicum (curry plant), grape seed extract, liposomes, hyaluronic acid, isoflavones, water pennywort and panax ginseng.



This immediately effective lifting serum with Cellular Regeneration Complex (CRC) and highly concentrated marine collagen lends the skin new radiance and freshness in the blink of an eye. The skin instantly becomes visibly tightened, lines and fine wrinkles are noticeably reduced, tired and jaded skin receives new vitality. The skin appears plumped up, smoother and more elastic. Marine collagen produces visible skin tightening and improves the condition of dry and more mature skin, creates a film, and gives and maintains moisture.


This skin-smoothing cream with 27 per cent fat provides women who desire an extensive skincare routine with firmer facial contours, a more even skin tone and a radiant complexion! SKIN CONTOUR CREAM remodels skin in need of regeneration and strengthens it from the inside out, since the aging process begins deep within the skin. Innovative ingredients, whose effectiveness is scientifically proven, make this powerful emulsion the ultimate tool for firm, supple skin, which impresses with a fresh, youthful radiance. With EPS (elastin-stimulating peptide), the antioxidising plant extract SORR, long and short-chain hyaluronic acids, real Japanese silk for soft skin, as well as macademia nut oil, Isostearyl-Isostearate and Vitamins A and E.


JANSSEN COSMETICS stands for passionate, innovative combinations of active ingredients of the highest quality. As a pioneer of the Cosmeceuticals market in Germany, JANSSEN COSMETICS were first to develop a unique skincare range that allowed for the crossover between pure cosmetics and scientifically funded skincare. The family company, established in Aachen, was founded by Walther and Elka Janssen and is today led by the second generation, sons Reinhard and Ulrich Janssen.