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NEW: Be Beautiful gift set

25 januari 2019

Valentine's Day, Mothers' Day, Easter, birthdays… or just because! There are so many occasions to spoil someone you love with moments of pure relaxation, with a presentation they will remember thanks to the BE BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX from JANSSEN COSMETICS.

This exclusive box contains the perfect anti-ageing beauty treatment for visibly smoother, more even skin and a fresh, youthful glow: rich LIFTING & RECOVERY CREAM and 7x2 ml ANTI-WRINKLE BOOSTER ampoules.


LIFTING & RECOVERY CREAM is characterised by a perfectly balanced hydration-to-moisture ratio. Like all skincare products in the DEMANDING SKIN range, this highly effective formula protects and nourishes demanding skin intensely and supports the skin's own natural functions. Demanding skin remains soft and resilient even in the face of external skin stressors such as dry air and extreme temperatures. Active ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin, replenishing its moisture levels and stabilising its protective role.

ANTI-WRINKLE BOOSTER ampoules help skin look – and feel – smoother and more youthful. The ampoules are based on highly effective anti-ageing technology that noticeably firms skin. The powerful active ingredient Gatuline® Expression, made from the South American paracress plant, eliminates tiny tensions hidden within skin's tissue and smooths out lines and furrows, improving skin's texture. Users notice the most striking effect in the area around the eyes – particularly on crow's feet. Long-chain hyaluronic acid banishes dryness in the top layers of the epidermis and reduces the appearance of fine lines on the skin's surface, while short-chain hyaluronic acid penetrates more deeply into the epidermis and replenishes skin's natural moisture from the inside out. ANTI-WRINKLE BOOSTER instantly helps skin look and feel firmer and smoother, giving it a fresh, youthful glow!