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Time for masks - Balm for the skin

02 januari 2018
Masks by Janssen Cosmetics

Winter's here and brings freezing temperatures, dry heating air and unhealthy festive meals and treats which are all strenuous for our skin. Depending on our skin type, it will react with impurities, dryness lines, redness or irritated patches. Here the wonderfully fragrant cream and gel masks by JANSSEN COSMETICS work wonders!

Their effects are immediately noticeable and the power of their ingredients will impress. Specific areas of treatment e.g. anti aging, moisture, soothing or vitalisation lead to a noticeable improvement of the skin.

Advice form your skin care expert: Masks are even more effective when they are used in combination with an ampoule preparation from the AMPOULES series. The classic facial treatment becomes particularly varied and is transformed into a solution-oriented power program for all skin types.

Hydrating Gel Mask+

Hydrating Gel Mask Plus by Janssen Cosmetics

Hydrating Gel Mask+ from our DRY SKIN line is an intensive effect mask that intensively supplies thirsty skin with moisture. The product's light, gel-like consistency binds the moisture in the epidermis and restores the skin's hydrolipidic barrier.

The unique active substance aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP) promotes the skin's native aquaporins, the cells' "water fountains". It ensures a balanced moisture supply, as the synthesis of new water/glycerin channels (in the cell membrane) between the individual cells in the epidermis is stimulated. This promotes the transport of water and glycerin from the inside to the outside. The more of these water channels a cell membrane has, the more moisture enters the interior of the cell. As a result, skin hydration is not only maintained but actually increased with aquaporin-stimulating peptide (ASP).

The root extract from the desert plant Imperata cylindrica additionally retains the skin's moisture content and ensures a quick and continuous supply of moisture. Sorbitol, a plant-based sugar with moisturizing properties, helps to bind water molecules on the surface of the skin.

The high concentration of moisture retention substances immediately lends the skin a feeling of freshness and is also based on a long-term effect. Even 24 hours after application, the moisture content is still increased by 20%!

The skin takes on a visibly healthy, vital appearance in the long term, a refined skin profile and an even, silky-soft complexion.

Rich Energy Mask

Rich Energy Mask by Janssen Cosmetics

The skin may also suffer during periods of excessive stress. Not infrequently, it then appears scaly, irritated and/or tired and pale. In short, it is lacking in vitality and freshness. A particularly quick and reviving measure is desirable in this case. Thank goodness a rapidly acting care mask is available for these special needs: Rich Energy Mask from our DEMANDIN SKIN line.

Rich Energy Mask is a rich cream mask. Its plentiful and supple texture pampers demanding skin and combats the initial signs of tiredness.

With each application, the skin is provided with an extra portion of caring and vital substances for a radiantly beautiful appearance.

Rejuvenating Mask

Rejuvenating Mask by Janssen Cosmetics

The Rejuvenating Mask from our MATURE SKIN line, with the Cellular Regeneration Complex, is a supplementary intensive care with a quick and noticeable effect for mature, dry skin, whose regenerative capacity and tension has lessened. The rich formula provides soothing relaxation and revitalises dull, tired skin in just a few minutes.

The high-performance active ingredients of the Cellular Regeneration Complex – called CRC for short – ensure a comprehensive regeneration of mature skin and strengthen the skin’s structure. Red clover extract has been shown to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and moisturise. Kombucha, a multi-active ingredient from fermented black tea, improves the radiance. Recent studies show that Kombucha can stimulate the development and maturation of the fat cells in the skin and thus acts as a natural lipo-filling.

A combination of Sensitive Complex and Bisabolol provides a comprehensive, skin-calming effect. Short and long-chain hyaluronic acid provide the skin with intensive moisture.

The result: The skin immediately appears rested, revitalised and radiant.