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Cold Protection - The perfect winter care

10 januari 2018
Cold Protection

In winter, the skin has to endure a lot: frosty temperatures outside, dry heated air inside and the change from one to the other. Naturally the care has to keep up with these conditions.

Often it is enough to choose a richer version of the day care, a night care for example. But fortunately, Janssen Cosmetics product range offers a suitable care product for every skin type. Our skin care expert has put them together for you to choose from.

So, with Janssen Cosmetics skin care products you are well protected and you can cope with wind and weather.

Night Replenisher
- for dry skin

Night Replenisher by Janssen Cosmetics

Controlled by the complex mechanisms of cell activity, the skin's natural functions immediately react to environmental stimuli. In the present, stress-laden day and age, this is precisely why it is absolutely vital to strengthen the skin's native protection and actively support it from the outside. This is most effectively carried out during nightly rest in the sense of deep-acting care.

Night Replenisher is a rich night cream with a soft consistency. Modern active substances balance out lipid and moisture deficiencies. Brittle and dry skin regains its elastic and supple surface. In addition, the barrier function of dry skin is supported in such a way that it is able to increasingly unfold its optimal protection against further dehydration.

Night Replenisher cares for dry skin whilst you are asleep. Thus fortified, it is able to cope with the day's requirements.

Calming Sensitive Cream
- for sensitive skin

Calming Sensitive Cream by Janssen Cosmetics

If the hydrolipidic film is knocked out of balance, the skin appears dry, scaly and rough. Lipid and moisture deficiencies are obvious and increase the sensitivity of sensitive skin.

Calming Sensitive Cream is a rich care cream. With a lipid content of around 25%, it helps to build up an intact hydrolipidic film. Care and moisture retention substances soothe the skin both during the day and throughout the night. Irritated skin rapidly becomes soft and supple again; the pleasant feeling of relaxed skin is guaranteed.

Lifting & Recovery Cream
- for demanding skin

Lifting & Recovery Cream by Janssen Cosmetics

There are certain periods in life during which a fresh and recuperated skin
profile should be restored as quickly as possible. Regular care with an unusual “cure cream” is intended to make demanding skin smooth and supple again. What is now needed is the lifting cream with immediate effect as a so-called “all-rounder”.

Lifting & Recovery Cream is an ideal protection and active substance cream which combats premature evaporation of the skin's native moisture and simultaneously ensures a better skin structure.

Lifting & Recovery Cream protects the skin during the day and supports it at night. Applied in the form of a cure, i.e. around the clock and over a longer period of time, demanding skin is provided with optimal care and regains its youthful radiance.

Rich Recovery Cream
- for mature skin

Rich Recovery Cream by Janssen Cosmetics

Hormonal changes make mature skin thinner, impair its barrier function and reduce its resistance. Rich Recovery Cream is the richer alternative to the Perfect Lift Cream. It has been deliberately developed as a water-in-oil emulsion, as this forms a protective film on the skin and supports the barrier properties of the skin.

The contained Cellular Regeneration Complex – called CRC for short – ensures a comprehensive regeneration of mature skin and strengthens the skin’s structure. Red clover extract has been shown to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and moisturise. Kombucha, a multi-active ingredient from fermented black tea, improves the radiance. Recent studies show that Kombucha can stimulate the development and maturation of the fat cells in the skin and thus acts as a natural lipo-filling.

In addition, the lipid complex of shea butter, squalene and macadamia nut oil balances out gaps in the moisture supply in areas of dry skin.

Brightening Night Restore
- for hyperpigmented skin

Brightening Night Restore by Janssen Cosmetics

Fair Skin requires twice the attention: effective skin brightening and perfect long-term care.

Brightening Night Restore can provide both. The velvety soft care cream ensures a flawless, even complexion and provides perfect care. Over night, effective skin brighteners inhibit melanin synthesis at its very source and
supply the skin with lots of moisture. At the same time, the skin's native repair of e.g. UV-related cell damage is stimulated. In contrast to conventional skin brighteners, the skin is restructured and left looking even, smooth and beautiful again.

Brightening Night Restore leaves the skin feeling like never before. It feels velvety and soft even whilst the cream is being distributed. Exactly the right prerequisite for long-term care and indispensable for a flawless, even complexion with vital radiance.

Rich Firming Cream
- the organic skin care

Rich Firming Cream by Janssen Cosmetics

As of a certain age, every customer desires smooth skin with lifted, firm facial contours, irrespective of skin type. The certainty of intensive active substance care, whose texture is not too light and not too heavy, is precisely what is called for.

Rich Firming Cream is a particularly active substance-rich care cream with outstanding anti-creasing effect. Anti-aging active substances develop their effect exactly where skin aging begins and where it reveals its impact.

Alfalfa extract stimulates skin regeneration. The extract has properties similar to retinol (vitamin A), i.e. it protects the skin's supporting matrix by protecting it against premature breakdown. A rice extract additionally promotes the skin cells' longevity. The connective tissue's declining supporting function is strengthened, leading to perceptibly firmer facial contours, whilst the epidermis is fortified thanks to improved cell cohesion. The new skin structure which is obtained is velvety-soft, pleasantly supple and perceptibly smooth.

In the summary of its specialist dermatological report, Dermatest® confirms the product's very good skin tolerability.

Platinum Care Night Cream - the luxurious anti-ageing care

Platinum Care Night Cream by Janssen Cosmetics

The skin's own regeneration processes are especially active during the night. The Premium Anti-Aging Night Cream supports the skin in this process. The regenerative formula supplies the skin with highly-active anti-aging active ingredients all night long. The innovative Platinum-MP-Complex is extraordinarily effective at filling lines. The skin's texture is verifiably smoother, lines are filled from the inside and the skin's substance sustainably built up.

Colloidal platinum makes the skin feel noticeably better straight away. The skin appears refreshed and relaxed. MatrixylTM Synthe‘6TM is an innovative peptide proven to fill lines. The highly-effective peptide stimulates the synthesis of six key skin building blocks (collagen I, III and IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminine-5). Lines, especially laughter lines and crows' feet, are smoothed effectively, giving the entire skin a much more toned look. Silk acacia extract protects and repairs damaged collagen fibres through glycation and supports the skin's own special detoxifying systems. A rich lipid complex of shea and mango butter and macadamia nut oil cares for the skin during the night, leaving it silky soft. The skin's own protective barrier is supported and its moisture balance stabilised.

The result? Well-rested facial skin in the morning, greater tone, improved moisture and visibly reduced wrinkles.