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For maximum vitality and freshness: DETOX CREAM

31 december 2020

For now, we’re all still busy in Christmas mood. But by the time the new year rolls around, DETOX is sure to become a hot topic once again! Fasting cures, exercising more and more conscious, healthier eating are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Our often stressful lifestyle, as well as increased UV exposure, overburden our natural cell cleansing system. This applies to all organs and especially to skin! The accumulation of metabolic waste can make the complexion pale and tired-looking. No matter our age, this often means the skin’s freshness and radiance are impacted. Lines, wrinkles and age spots can appear. That’s exactly where the DETOX CREAM comes in! This innovative 24-hour nourishing formula supports the skin’s cellular cleansing systems and provides new vitality and freshness.




Who doesn’t want skin with an even, youthful glow? Even from a young age, our skin often already starts looking pale and tired. What’s missing? Freshness and vitality! This is because of stress factors from our environment that overburden the skin’s natural detoxification system and lead to accumulations in the skin’s cells.

DETOX CREAM supports the detoxification mechanisms of the skin. Highly effective active ingredients such as yeast extract and an avocado peptide stimulate the detox systems, and vitamins C and E protect the skin from oxidative cell damage. Thanks to a lipid content of 31%, DETOX CREAM makes even dry skin noticeably smooth, bringing it increased vitality even after a short time if used regularly! Age spots are less noticeable and the skins recovers an even-looking youthful freshness. Application: Apply DETOX CREAM in the morning and/or in the evening to the cleansed face and décolleté.

HINT: Be prepared! Take advantage of the new DETOX Fluid – PURIFY Ampoule starting March 2021!