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Bi-Phase Serums: Maximum active ingredient power

18 januari 2021

Shake, apply and get ultimateactive ingredient power! Get ready with our extraordinary new and LIMITED EDITION 2-phase serums! These new lipid concentrates are not just real eyecatchers, but they’re also the perfect active ingredient supplement for your daily skincare routine. We are pleased to present our new 2-phase serums.

Booster for the cold season - tailored to the skin's needs

Skin produces much less, if not no oil at all in winter. That is why, especially during cold winter months, it needs an extra boost in the form of lipids. This is where the new, limited-edition 2-PHASE OIL-SERUMS from JANSSEN COSMETICS come into play. They provide the skin with precious oils and soothing, moisturising ingredients that give the skin exactly what it needs! Simply shake the two serum phases together to combine and supplement your daily skincare ritual with a high-concentration preparation that nourishes skin with intensive active ingredients. The limited-edition serums are available now, while stocks last!

2021-01 biphase-en_Zeichenfläche 1

The two phases of the serums are combined by simply shaking them together, thus supplementing the daily care ritual with a highly dosed preparation for the intensive supply of active ingredients to the skin.

The gentle and fast-absorbing 2-phase Oil Serum Calming is a soothing sensitive skincare solution. The green hydro phase contains calming and moisturising ingredients, which reduce skin irritation and infl ammation. The lipid phase contains light oils like almond oil, which make skin silky soft and smooth while strengthening the skin’s natural protective function. Tightness is reduced, skin has an even glow and feels soft and smooth!

The crisp blue 2-Phase Oil Serum Hydrating is a super active ingredient for dehydrated skin. The hydrophilic phase with highly effective moisture boosters like glycerine, hyaluronic acid and the innovative Hydro Skin Complex combines when shaken vigorously with the yellow lipid phase containing precious jojoba oil. For beautifully hydrated skin and a silky glow!

This rich anti-ageing serum in vivid red and yellow effectively supports demanding skin during cold winter months. The serum provides targeted care for the face, neck and décolletage with premium lipids like argon oil and handpicked anti-ageing active ingredients like paracress extract and hyaluronic acid. Skin is intensively hydrated, dry lines are reduced and skin gains noticeably more tonicity and elasticity!