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Beauty in a Bottle

02 June 2021



Need a push-up? How to get an instant lifting effect and highlight your facial contours even without Gua Sha & Co!

Tight skin and clear facial contours are a beauty ideal for many people. Over time, however, more and more wrinkles become visible and the contours fight against gravity. To maintain a young and fresh complexion for longer and to improve the contours of the face, there is our active ingredient concentrate for skin tightening. It moisturises and firms the contours of the face, making it perfect for anti-ageing care.

It's clear: the skin needs more care and richer creams to stay firm and wrinkle-free as we age. The biggest problem, especially with mature skin, is its loss of elasticity and the resulting lines and wrinkles. The face loses its contour, shape and even skin colour with age. JANSSEN COSMETICS has intensively studied the process of skin ageing and developed a few secret weapons that fight wrinkles, plump up the skin and provide a visible lift to the facial contour. These include hyaluronic acid and elastin-stimulating peptides, which are contained in our wonderful Skin Contour Fluid.

The effectiveness of the innovative boquet is scientifically proven and makes the power fluid a specialist for firmer, tighter skin with more radiance.







Concentrated elastin power in the smallest form.

Give your skin a flawless appearance without imperfections and pigmentation. Highlight your cheek shape and fight skin redness, sagging, age spots and pigmentation!

Have you always wondered how to use ampoules?

Our ampoule cure lasts 7 days. The serum contains highly concentrated care that works specifically and is added to the daily care. One ampoule should be applied per day, under your usual day or night care, depending on when you want to integrate the cure into your care routine.

1. Before applying an active ingredient ampoule, the skin on the face should be well cleansed. Use cleansing products that suit your skin type. In our navigation menu you will find our routines for all different skin types.

2. The facial toner is also important and should be used before the ampoule. It restores the skin's healthy pH level and improves the acid mantle. The correct sequence and tips for the optimal beauty routine can be found here.

3 Now the ampoule: shake the glass bottle vigorously! Some serum often gets stuck in the tip, let this flow back down. Light tapping can help. Now carefully break off the neck of the ampoule. It is best to protect your hand with a cosmetic tissue, as our ampoule vials are made of glass.

4. Pour the entire contents into your hand! Now you can apply the serum to your face, neck and décolleté with your fingertips. Gently massage and pat the concentrate into the skin!

5. Then apply your usual day or night care.