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Dry Skin

Air-conditioned or overheated rooms, sun, wind, car and air travel - there are countless situations in which the skin loses moisture. Especially when your skin is naturally dry, you need consistent and daily care!  With a lipid and moisture deficit, even young skin tends to dryness wrinkles, the skin elasticity is significantly reduced, the complexion looks pale and the skin loses its natural radiance.


DRY SKIN is an absolute moisture booster for dry skin. The comprehensive product range is tailor-made care for dry, lipid-deficient as well as dry, moisture-deficient skin. The skin is provided with intensive and long-lasting moisture, the hydrolipidic  - responsible for the moisture content of the skin - is strengthened, dryness wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes radiant, smooth and visibly refreshed.

* All prices incl. Tax - Freight charges not included