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A widespread myth of society is that the male skin needs only a splash of soap and water and a harsh astringent after-shave, which really must burn to be effective. Wrong! Today, more and more men are grooming and caring for their appearance. It's a competitive world out there! Men now know that your skin plays an important part in how your look. Any man knows that if you feel great, you project that image and therefore, success!

Male skin is approximately 25 % thicker and is more elastic than female skin. Male skin produces significant more perspiration and sebum, is more hairy and tends to hold more impurities. Their skin contains more collagen and typically ages slower their female counterparts. That is until the age of 40. But after the onset of the aging process, men’s skin can age faster, with visible results becoming even more pronounced.

Therefore male skin needs a special care program: invigorating and energizing, simple in application and convincing in result!

With the MAN series, JANSSEN COSMETICS has developed special products for men. This small collection of selected preparations with particularly light textures is used for daily male care and gives particular consideration to the practical way in which men think. Enjoyment during application arises completely spontaneously and meets the expectations which contemporary man makes on modern care products.

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