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Sensitive Skin

The scratching scarf on the neck, a reddened face just because it is very windy outside or a sudden reaction of the skin to the favourite cream... If our skin no longer fulfils its protective function, it feels unpleasant on the skin. Feelings of tension, skin redness and brittle skin that itches or burns are often the result. If the skin barrier is damaged, even a healthy skin reacts to external influences such as stress and environmental impacts - regardless of age or skin type.


Proper care of sensitive skin means, on the one hand, alleviating the skin irritations and, on the other hand, stabilising the skin’s protective barrier. SENSITIVE SKIN fulfils both requirements thanks to two innovative active ingredient complexes made from plant extracts that complement each other perfectly. The result: measurably reduced skin sensitivity, a strengthened skin barrier, reduced skin redness and significantly more resiliant skin.



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