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Fair Skin

Who wouldn't want flawless skin? An even skin tone creates a special glow, which usually gives young skin that special radiance and makes the skin look more vital and fresh.


Unfortunately, there are many different causes that can lead to an increased pigmentation of the skin, including environmental influences, medication, an exhausted repair system of the skin and hormonal changes or genetic predisposition. Make-up can certainly help to optically conceal pigment disorders. But in the long term, purely decorative concealing measures are not an optimal solution for hyperpigmented skin areas.


FAIR SKIN was specially developed for the treatment of pigment disorders and is based on the latest scientific research results to inhibit the formation of melanin. Through regular and combined application of the innovative system care, the melanin content of the skin is reduced, the skin is visibly brightened and pigment spots become faded. The result is a wonderfully even complexion that radiates freshness, vitality and youth!


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