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How to support your beauty institute during the lockdown

06 January 2021

The lockdown is hitting the cosmetics industry hard. We reveal how you can support your beauty experts in these difficult times and give tips for more me-time to continue to care for your skin optimally.

Lockdown: no reason to neglect your skin care regime

The lockdown is not a reason to put your skin in "standby mode" until the reopening.  Do not neglect your care routine. Now more than ever, attention must be paid to a perfect care routine! With our recommendations, you can treat yourself to a pampering yourself at home - with special me-time. We will show you alternatives to four different types of professional facial treatments, which optimally care for your skin and beautify it while you wait.


How to support your beauty experts during the lockdown


Stay in touch with your beauty expert

Skin changes during the lockdown? Many beauty institutes offer an individual consultation service via Social media channels. Consult your beauty expert with questions about your skin - whether it's allergy or mask-related skin changes or for tips on pampering rituals.

For more anticipation - buy a gift voucher

Buy yourself or your loved ones a gift certificate for a skin treatment that you can redeem after Lockdown. As we all know, anticipation has its own rewards.Doesn't it?

Beauty products simply to go

Make sure to check if your beauty salon offers a pick-up service. This way, you can pick up your favorite products directly and your skin won't miss out during the lockdown. and you won't have to skimp on your skincare routine.

After Lockdown: Off to the Beauty Expert

After the Lockdown, you should let your trusted beauty expert get back to your skin. After all, they are looking forward to practicing their craft again and to welcoming and treating you again after the forced break. Because they need your support again after the pronologed Corona break - more than ever.