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Beauty-Lockdown: Rituals for the home

02 November 2020

Your beauty treatment at the beautician's has to wait until after the light lockdown? We reveal how you can bridge the corona time with alternative beauty routines. In this way, you can effectively (continue to) care for your skin before your next treatment at the beauty institute of your choice.

Cosmetic institutes will have to close again as a result of the new measures. It is annoying if you have been waiting for your treatment for a long time and a closure is coming up right now. Nevertheless, the measures are undoubtedly right to break the wave of Covid-19 infection rates. We all want to stay healthy and protect our loved ones, don't we?

Lockdown: no reason for your skin to go into standby mode

The closures are no reason to put your skin "on standby" until you reopen or even to neglect care. Now more than ever, attention must be paid to a perfect grooming routine! With our recommendations you can treat yourself to your own beauty treatments at home to bridge the gap. We will show you alternatives to four different professional facial treatment types, which will optimally care for your skin and beautify it during the waiting time.