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Eye care tips for an irresistible look from our skin care expert

29 août 2017

The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and prone to wrinkles, because this part of the skin contains less fat than the rest of the facial skin, which can store the moisture better and is thus more resistant to dryness and wrinkles.

The barrier layer of the skin around the eyes is so thin that veins and lymphatic vessels often become visible on the skin surface and also the elasticity of the skin around the eyes is significantly lower. This is why wrinkles and crow's feet show first here. Strong blood and lymph vessels combined with a thin skin lead to the unpopular dark shadows under the eyes.

It is therefore worthwhile to choose an appropriate eye care in addition to a good facial cream, because day or night creams are often unsuitable for the delicate skin around the eyes. Effective eye care products contain ingredients that moisturize the skin, reduce skin irregularities, promote cell renewal and increase the elasticity of the sensitive eye part.

Compared to the day or night cream, eye care contains less rich oils that can creep into the eyes and cause unwanted irritation. Eye care, however, means not only the use of a good eye care product, but begins with a thorough make-up removal and cleansing.

The sensitive eye area requires active ingredients that gently cleanse the skin without irritating it. When removing the make-up you should never rub the eyelids. Soak the cotton pad with the JANSSEN COSMETICS Eye Make-up Remover and press it gently on the eyelids and allow for the liquid to work a bit and then wipe the eye make-up gently away from the temples towards the nose. The Eye Make-up Remover contains active ingredients which soothe and soften the skin and is therefore an ideal supplementary product for the subsequent eye care.


From the age of 25 onwards, it is recommendable to use a specific and individually adapted eye care, since the skin’s blood circulation starts to change and as a result, the skin loses more moisture. Even at this age the reduction in the elasticity of the connective tissue is clearly measurable, and more attention to eye care is needed in the daily skin care routine. A good eye care is applied twice daily: mornings and evenings.


Eye care products are available in various formulations: as cream, gel, fluid, mask or serum.

Eye creams (e.g. Platinum Care Crème Yeux, Crème Contour Yeux, Triple Soin Contour des Yeux, Crème Contour des Yeux)are very rich in consistency, provide a lot of moisture and are therefore ideal for dry and mature skin as anti-aging care.

Eye gels (e.g. Gel Contour des Yeux, Émulsion Contour des Yeux) have a cooling and decongestant effect and therefore help against eye rings, swelling and redness. For oily or mixed skin the best choice is an eye gel, because it does not add unnecessary lipids to the skin that already suffers from excess of lipids.

With their special texture, eye fluids do not "creep" into and thus irritate the eyes. They are a mixture of cream and gel and therefore very moisturizing but not greasy and penetrate quickly into the skin. They treat the skin with special, highly dosed active ingredients and help to resolve skin problems around the eyes quickly and efficiently.

Eye masks are available as cream packs or in pad form. The JANSSEN Hydrogel Eye Pads (available only as part of a treatment in the beautician’s cabin) are applied under the eyes and reduce swelling and eye rings by moisturizing, cooling and the right combination of active ingredients.

Swelling is usually a sign of a disturbed lymph flow. Dark shadows under the eyes are caused by a lack of microcirculation in the capillary vessels deep in the skin around the eyes and can be very marked. This is best treated with smoothing, lightening creams with vitamin A and C.

Eye rings, on the other hand, may have various exogenous causes, such as chronic stress, sleep deficit, or fluid/nutritional deficiencies. Furthermore, the stress caused by the lifestyle (e.g., smoking, vitamin C and iron deficiency) can also lead to dark circles under the eyes. Here a change in favor of vitamin A and C rich ingredients in the diet could be helpful.

The crow's feet, or more positively, laugh lines, are mostly caused by squinting. No matter why, by UV light (light sensitivity), a defective vision (a pair of glasses would help) or the preceding laughter with the entire facial expression, these lines remain visible in the tissue because the elasticity is reduced and no longer balances the contractions (completely).

Important, not only for the benefit of the skin in general and the eye part in particular, is sufficient water intake. Water tightens the skin from the inside and gives it a natural shine. Also, a healthy and balanced diet is helpful for a beautiful skin condition.

With the skin type adapted products from JANSSEN COSMETICS for the optimal care routine and the given background information on eye care, the perfect look is easily achievable for everyone.