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Epigenetics and how we can use it in skin care

25 mai 2018

Epigenetics is a trending topic in cosmetics and also JANSSEN COSMETICS has recently introduced an active ingredient concentrate called Epigenetic Serum. Latest scientific studies show that our genes do not determine everything. Scientists explain this phenomenon with the so-called epigenetic modification of the genetic material. These are chemical patterns on the DNA that control the extent to which genes are switched on and off. Epigenetics is the study of potentially hereditary modifications of our genetic material (the DNA) that can determine these changes without altering the DNA sequence itself. Nevertheless, epigenetic changes are potentially hereditary.

What does this mean for the skin?

Changes in lifestyle (e.g. diet, exercise, relocation, trauma) that could produce an epigenetic pattern on the DNA can be passed on to the next generation. Biologists have discovered in recent years numerous molecular mechanisms that lead to a stronger or weaker expression of the information in the genes, without changing the information stored there. Enzymes mark certain sections of the DNA and thus influence their activity, sometimes even for life. Such chemical patterns can also lead to lasting skin aging. The skin cells are epigenetically modified and continue to age even when these stress factors cease to exist.

Epigenetics and anti-aging

JANSSEN COSMETICS focuses on the prevention of premature skin ageing and presents its latest product, Epigenetic Serum.

Epigenetic Serum contains an anti-aging agent that reduces the epigenetic modification of skin cells by external influences and improves the stress resistance and vitality of skin cells.

The oligosaccharide-rich extract from the flowers of calendula regulates two major mechanisms of epigenetic modification: histone modification (chemical change in the histones, the "coils" around which the DNA winds) and the production of micro-RNA. This can correct epigenetic malfunctioning and thus counteract skin aging.

The result: the skin becomes more resistant to the ravages of the times, maintaining its youthful radiance.

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