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Skin care for sensitive and extra sensitive skin

Sensitive skin quickly becomes irritated when exposed to external influences because its natural protective barrier is not intact.

SENSITIVE SKIN by JANSSEN COSMETICS is an innovative skincare system with powerful active ingredients specially developed for the particular needs of sensitive skin. It reduces redness, tightness and itching and at the same time strengthens the skin’s barrier function. Through the targeted selection of ingredients, SENSITIVE SKIN is also suitable for the care of extremely sensitive skin as well as skin prone to couperose and rosacea and can also be used for skin care during chemotherapy. This range contains an allergen-free perfume and is preservative-free according to the Cosmetics Regulation in Germany.

SENSITIVE SKIN contains Skin Defense Complex+, an active ingredient complex made of black currant seed oil, balloon plant and sunflower extract, which regenerates the skin’s barrier function and reduces inflammation. In addition, a barrier-strengthening extract from Japanese mondo grass is used, which was specially developed for neurodermitic skin. RSC-Neutralizer is effective against redness and spider veins. Proven anti-inflammatory agents such as our sensitive complex, allantoin, bisabolol, calendula as well as premium oils and moisturisers round out the active ingredients.

SENSITIVE SKIN brings all kinds of sensitive skin back into balance and makes your skin feel wonderfully relaxed.


CLEANSING — Sensitive, dry or irritated skin requires extra mild cleansing to ensure that the already weakened skin barrier is not unnecessarily stressed. Therefore, the skin needs extra mild and pH-neutral daily cleansing.


CARE CREAMS — Soothing and special care for sensitive skin prone to redness or neurodermatitis.


ADDITIONAL CARE — Enhancing effect and accompanying care for more soothing and more moisture.