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Skin care for more even skin, without spots. 

Regular and combined use of FAIR SKIN cosmeceuticals reduces the skin's melanin content. As a result, the skin becomes brighter and pigment spots fade.

In the case of darker skin tones as well as localised pigment spots, experience has shown that it takes several weeks of daily application before a lightening of the skin becomes clearly visible. This is understandable when you consider that the melanin that has already been formed takes about four weeks to be transported upwards from the lowest layers by the normal regeneration process of the skin and to be exfoliated.

Depending on the natural regeneration process of the skin, the original skin tone is restored after the application of the FAIR SKIN lightening care products is stopped. This is known to be the case after 3 to 4 weeks. It therefore makes sense to continue the lightening treatment without interruption. 

FAIR SKIN protects against UVA and UVB rays, reduces skin impurities and through the gentle lightening with additional anti-aging protection, the skin glows evenly full of freshness and energy.


CLEANSING — The first step for radiantly even skin is mild and gentle cleansing. The white cleansing powder is mixed with water to form a creamy foam and effortlessly removes make-up, cream residues and dirt while inhibiting melanin maturation. The tonic is also indispensable, as it revitalises and promotes more even skin. Professional tip: Whip both products into a foam with a brush and spread over the skin.


PEELING — Irregular melanin distribution can be compared to black and white markings: Dark discolourations convey a blotchy image. A good eraser provides a remedy and ensures an even surface.


INTENSIVE CARE — The skin-brightening Fair Complexion Serum for the day and the perfect supplement before the cream to ideally support the effect. As an intensive 40-day treatment, we recommend our highly effective 2-phase active ingredient concentrate for the start of a treatment and an unbeatable effect.


CARE CREAMS — The skin-brightening day cream with integrated sun protection factor 20 conjures up even and radiant skin in no time, in addition to moisture and anti-aging care. During the night, the skin is continuously strengthened with effective active ingredients to support regeneration and bring new cells to the skin's surface. The accompanying eye care reduces dark circles and wrinkles and soothes the sensitive eye area.