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Neurodermatitis: The right care is important

15 October 2020

Sore spots on the face and body with itching? You suffer from neurodermatitis? To counteract inflammation and prevent relapses, neurodermatitis patients in particular need to pay particular attention to skin care. Our SENSITIVE SKIN series is perfectly suited as an accompanying therapy for neurodermatitis.

More and more women and men suffer from neurodermatitis (atopic skin). Neurodermatitis is characterised by a very itchy skin rash, which often starts in childhood. The protective function of the skin is so low that contact with germs and irritants can easily lead to inflammation. Atopic skin should therefore be cared for very sensitively. This is exactly the reason why we have revised our successful SENSITIVE SKIN series, incorporating the latest scientific findings on the care and stabilisation of sensitive and atopic skin. The products of the series are the ideal basic care for neurodermatitis.

Accompanying therapy for neurodermatitis

The basis for neurodermatitis is careful skin care. The main aim is to reduce the dryness of the skin, which causes inflammation, itching and burning. A care product that minimises the messenger substances for inflammation and restores the damaged skin barrier can provide fast and efficient help. A well moisturised skin is less itchy and has an increased resistance. In addition to the mild cleansing foam Soft Cleansing Mousse and the Soft Soothing Tonic, our new Neuro Skin Balm is particularly suitable for neurodermatitis skin on the face and body.

How Neuro Skin Balm helps with neurodermatitis

The new Neuro Skin Balm is a special, low-irritation care product for skin prone to neurodermatitis. The easily spreadable lotion contains active ingredients that regenerate the skin's disrupted barrier function, reduce inflammatory processes and ensure a pleasant feeling on the skin. In the long term, the remission phase (symptom-free phase) of neurodermatitis is prolonged and the feeling of well-being is increased. The result: unpleasant feelings of tension and itching are alleviated. The skin is soothed and balanced.


Concentrated power: plant extract from the Japanese snake root & Skin Defense Complex+

The plant extract from the Japanese snake root was developed especially for neurodermitic skin. In combination with the effective Skin Defense Complex+ and valuable plant oils, the skin's disrupted barrier function is regenerated and stabilised in the long term.

In addition, hyaluronic acid and saccharide isomerate provide extra moisture to compensate for the skin's water deficit.

Dermatologically tested

All products of our SENSITIVE SKIN series have been tested by Derma consult for their compatibility with excellent results. This is why Neuro Skin Balm is also ideal for the care of children's neurodermatitis skin and provides long-term relief when used regularly during symptom-free periods. An additional effectiveness test was carried out for the Neuro Skin Balm, which clearly confirms the excellent effect.