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Why evening make-up removal is so important for the skin

All women want a beautiful and even complexion. In order to achieve this, you should always take time in the evening to properly remove your make-up, because it is the best prevention against skin problems and enables you to get them under control.

After 5:00 p.m. the nightly repair work of the skin, like cell renewal, starts.  And this is where one of its most important functions begins, namely regeneration: new skin cells form, wounds heal, etc.

Not removing one's make-up before going to bed is therefore one of the greatest beauty sins of all. In order to support this regeneration process, the skin must be freed from make-up, powder, mascara, dust and other dirt particles.

Those who do not even remove their make-up before going to bed increase the risk of free radicals and risk a faster skin aging in the long run. Also eyelashes with mascara break off more easily overnight and fall out. If they are freed of eye shadow and mascara in the evening, healthy, resiliant eyelashes that do not break off or fall out prematurely have a chance to grow.

If the skin or its pores are not cleaned, it leads to irritations and dryness and the consequence can be a sensitive, even allergic skin. Pimples and wrinkles are a clearly visible consequence of the absence of this important beauty ritual.

So rule of thumb for the evening skin care routine is:

What is applied should also be removed in the evening.



So if you always remove your make-up in the evening and choose the right care cosmetics for your skin type, you can look forward to a beautiful complexion without pimples and blackheads.

However, it is not only important that you remove the make-up correctly in the evening, but also how you do it. It is best to soak a soft cotton pad with make-up remover and gently wipe the eyelids without rubbing.

Then generously apply a skin type adapted cleanser over the face and rinse well. In order to restore the optimal skin pH value and to remove cleanser residues and water impurities from the skin, subsequent toning is important. To do this, soak a cotton pad with tonic and wipe the entire face once. The used cotton pad can then be disposed of. If you prefer a washcloth for cleaning (I recommend soft microfibre washing gloves) you should let it dry and wash it regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria.




For cleansing, it is recommended to use, depending on the skin type, milk, lotion, gel, foam or oil followed by the matching tonic of the series. This is very important and part of the cleansing routine (see also our tip on cleansing and tonic). The optimal supply in the evening consists of an eye cream, a serum and a richer night cream. For the décolleté and the neck, an additional cream is recommended that meets the needs of the sensitive neck and décolleté area.

With the active ingredients, which can easily penetrate through the effectively cleansed pores and hair follicles, you support the regeneration phase and the skin can breathe deeply again.

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