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Detox, the beauty program for a pure and beautiful skin

27 March 2019
Detox Titel

Unfortunately, the celebrations and the rich feasting in the winter often leave traces on the body and the skin. The skin is irritated by a lot of make-up, alcohol, sweets, greasy food and possibly also due to lack of sleep. Then it is time for an effective detox cure! We can easily integrate it with the help of our skin care products Detox Cream and Detox Fluid ampoules (please ask you beautician for a set of 3 ampoules Detox Fluid) into an effective beauty program to make our complexion shine again and stimulate the body’s detoxification mechanisms. A detox phase and a little bit of extra time sacrificed for the beauty program will have visible positive effects on your body, mind and especially on your skin.

If you start with an all-inclusive detox program, please keep in mind that at first your skin possibly reacts with impurities and skin problems caused by the change in the diet and skin care. Toxins are not only released via organs such as kidneys, bladder, liver and intestines, but also through the skin. The result: short-term visible impurities. Therefore, it is important to support the body and the skin with a healthy diet, detoxification with some beauty routines and targeted skin care.

But how does this work? Our in-house-beautician, Hannelore Thoma explains in the following how and what you can do to supprt your skin during the detoxification:

Our 5 daily beauty routines

1. Daily cleansing and toning of the skin

Make-up removal in the evenings is absolutely essential. Finest make-up particles get stuck in the pores and can lead to unsightly blemishes. The cleansing products should ideally be adapted to the skin type and be part of the facial care in the mornings and evenings. The Micellar Skin Tonic from the Mature Skin range is very effective for toning during a detox phase. Otherwise, adapt the tonic to your cleansing product.

2. Peeling

To remove dead skin cells with a peeling, the ideal product is an enzyme peeling applied twice a week. Mechanical peeling particles that are too large and abrasive can irritate sensitive and mature skin. Also fruit acid peelings with a low pH value are not always the right choice for some skin types. My recommendation for a gentle but thorough peeling are therefore enzyme peelings, like the Skin Refining Enzyme Peel from the Mature Skin line. Protein building blocks are split or more simply put: dead skin cells are separated from the intact skin. Skin Refining Enzyme Peel is applied to the skin and after 10 to 15 minutes washed off again. Since no abrasive particles are used, it is a particularly gentle and mild peeling and yet very effective at removing dead skin cells.

Cleansing by Janssen Cosmetics 2

3. Facial steam bath

Sweets, too much alcohol and greasy food cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly and dehydrate the body, and that can lead to pimples, dry, scaly skin areas and redness. Especially oily skin benefits from facial steam baths. The heat opens the pores and the subsequent care products are better absorbed into the skin. A facial steam bath with chamomile tea or table salt works wonders against skin impurities.


4. Ampoule and Mask

In addition to facial steam baths, the serum Normalizing Skin Complex from the series Oily Skin or the ampoule Normalizing Skin Fluid (please ask you beautician for a set of 3 ampoules Normalizing Skin Fluid) are helpful to combat inflammatory processes on the skin. Simply distribute on the skin and lightly pat the concentrate into the skin and then apply Purifying Mask for 20 minutes. It prevents impurities and reduces the shine of the skin. The active ingredients in the concentrates are anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and refine the skin's appearance already after the first application.

The concentrated active ingredients in ampoules and masks are also helpful against dry skin and any post-holiday stress (signs of fatigue). Distribute the contents of the Detox Fluid ampoule (please ask you beautician for a set of 3 ampoules Detox Fluid) on the face in the evening and pat them lightly into the skin. Then apply Rich Energy Mask (from the Demanding Skin series). After the application time, the mask can be wiped off with a cosmetic tissue. Any residues can remain on the skin overnight as a replacement for the Detox Cream or your usual night care.

5. Integrate Detox Cream into your skin care routine

Detox Cream provides important active substances in the detoxification phase and indeed, our skin has a lot to endure in that time. Then our Detox Cream is particularly suitable as day/night care cream as its active ingredients avocado peptide, the yeast extract with polysaccharides and the alpha-glucan work efficiently together with the body's own detoxification mechanisms.

Detox Cream by Janssen Cosmetics 3

What can be done by changes in the diet?


Nutrition also has a direct influence on the condition of our skin. So it's time to check and adapt your diet. Less fat, very little sugar, fresh fruit and vegetables of the season - if you follow these guidelines, you can achieve a lot. If you want to do more, there are no limits. The so-called superfoods, foods that have an above-average concentration of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, proteins, good fats and antioxidants, are particularly popular. For example Spirulina algae, Aloe Vera, Acai berries or Chia seeds. Janssen Cosmetics uses these super-fruit ingredients in many products that are also used in professional cabin treatments by beauticians. Green vegetables and fruit help to detoxify the organism through their antioxidants, chlorophyll and protein, and ensure a better oxygen supply in the blood cells. You can support the detoxification cure with plenty of fluids free of sugar, alcohol and caffeine and renounce unhealthy stimulants such as artificial sweeteners and cigarettes.

During the detox phase, drink plenty of water (preferably 3.5 litres or more daily) so that the toxins are washed out of the body. In addition, organic herbal teas support the detoxification process: Nettle tea has a draining effect, green tea stimulates the metabolism of the liver, and elderberry blossoms can detoxify the skin.

In addition, nutrition experts recommend the so-called interval fasting, where you stay at least 16 hours without food, followed by 8 hours in which light meals are recommended. Studies have shown that the 16-hour food withdrawal is also a good anti-aging factor. More free radicals and cell waste are eliminated, and the growth hormones can stimulate the repair processes in the cell.

But also the mind has a great influence on our skin, because our skin reflects how we feel inside. A detox cure and a skin type/condition adapted care concept for the time after the cure brings back radiance to your complexion makes it look younger and revitalized.

Detox with exercise

The more you get your metabolism going, the better!

Whether you're walking, cycling or jogging, sport is always good. Exercise is important for all metabolic processes in the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect, thus counteracting chronic metabolic diseases. Exercise in any form is good and supports the immune system. The fresh air stimulates the oxygen supply of the cells making the complexion beautifully rosy, and also the blood supply to all other organs is significantly improved.

Detox for the body

We always regard the skin as an organ that we should care for so that it looks firm and well in shape. Detoxification cures can be accompanied by peelings, baths, body packs and massages. Before body treatments and in the care routine the dead skin calls should be regularly removed with the help of a body peeling. For this Janssen Cosmetics recommends the shower peeling Oxygenating Body Scrub.

With the anti-cellulite cream, the Janssen Cosmetics Body Contour Booster, we take up the fight against the unsightly dents on the hips, legs and the buttocks. The body cream Vitaforce ACE Body Cream is a vitamin all-rounder and a sensational beautifier that contains active ingredients to protect our skin from free radicals and help it to form new collagen, which prevents wrinkles and skin sagging.

What you still need: an alkaline bath.

In addition to massages and peelings, special detox baths in the tub with Dead Sea salt, alkaline bath salt or ginger, detoxify very efficiently the skin. It increases the pH value of the water and stimulates the skin to excrete more acids. Fill the tub with warm water (about 38 degrees Celsius), add the bath additive and relax for 15 minutes.

Vitaforce ACE Body Cream and Oxygenating Body Scrub by Janssen Cosmetics