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Ampoules by JANSSEN COSMETICS help the skin to adjust to the cold season

26 September 2019

When it gets wet, stormy and cold outside, we have more time for ourselves again and can enjoy some extra pampering skin care. Our skin needs a lot of moisture and care, especially now that the temperatures are getting cooler. Fortunately, the little helpers are available in individually packaged JANSSEN COSMETICS ampoules. With them you can add extra moisture to the skin, revitalize it, maintain its youthfulness and much more, thus helping the skin to adapt to the colder season.



Ampoules by Janssen Cosmetics 16

JANSSEN COSMETICS ampoules are highly concentrated active ingredients which can be applied as additional care product under the daily facial care. Due to the high-dose active ingredients or even combined active ingredient complexes, these powerful fluids achieve great immediate effects, have particularly nourishing or cell-repairing properties.

Their effect often exceeds the result of creams and lotions alone by far. Ampoules are a must-have and irreplaceable first aid for skin care at home or as part of a cosmetic treatment at the institute. They provide the skin with active ingredients within minutes!

Now in the autumn, it makes sense to support the skin with a 7-day ampoule cure to adapt to the colder temperatures and heated rooms indoors. JANSSEN COSMETICS home care sets contain each seven ampoules for home care, except for Eye Flash Fluid, which is sold in sets of three ampoules.




You can currently choose between Hyaluron Fluid, Melafadin Fluid, Caviar Extract, Anti-Wrinkle Booster and Brilliance Shine Elixir. For the eye care, we havethe "Beautiful Eyes" set with Eye Flash Fluid ampoules together with 5 hydrogel masks on offer.

Beautiful Eyes Set

Hyaluron Fluid


Hyaluron Fluid is a 7-day hydration booster with short and long chain hyaluronic acid.

Melafadin Fluid

1981 MELAFADIN FLUID 7er Verkaufsgröße

Melafadin Fluid is a 7-day lightening booster for smoother and lighter skin.

Caviar Extract


Caviar Extract is a 7-day energy booster as an all-round vitalizing care for the all skin types in need of regeneration.

Anti-Wrinkle Booster


Anti-Wrinkle Booster Anti-Wrinkle Booster is a 7-day anti-wrinkle booster for a 3D-express-lifting with skin-tightening biopolymer Intensyl®.

Brilliance Shine Elixir

Platinum Care Brilliance Shine Elixir

Brilliance Shine Elixir is a highly-concentrated active ingredient ampoule with immediate effect, for tired, drawn skin.






Last, but not least, our skin care expert’s insider tip: You can also find our ampoules in our popular Ampoule Advent Calendar, perfect either as a gift or to pamper yourself with the ampoules during the Advent season (only while stocks last)!


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