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Our partner in the Czech Republic: Christoph Trade S.R.O.

16 mai 2018
Bohumila & Emil

Without a doubt, JANSSEN COSMETICS is one of the leading brands of professional cosmetic services in the Czech Republic. This is first and foremost thanks to Bohumila Christophová and Emil Christoph from Christoph Trade in Znojmo, the exclusive local representative of Janssen Cosmetics GmbH from Aachen in Germany.

As early as 1999, the successful couple started sales of JANSSEN cosmeceuticals in the Czech Republic and today they serve nearly 600 beauticians, spas and aesthetics schools in the whole country.




Bohumila Christophová is not only a recognized and respected professional beautician, with a medical education, she is also an excellent teacher. She knows how to inspire her customers over and over again with her ample experience, numerous insider tips on the use and sale of cosmetics. Of course, her trainings naturally also benefit from the high quality and efficacy of JANSSEN COSMETICS products.

Bohumila Christophova klein

Bohumila, like no other, embodies a symbiosis between the products, the treatments and applications they have developed. For more than 15 years, Bohumila has held trainings twice a year throughout the Czech Republic, which have become a tradition. Customers are also regularly invited to presentation events in Znojmo, where the flagship aesthetic institute is located. Of course, as they cannot accommodate over 100 participants, the trainings take place, of course, in a nearby spa hotel and none of the participants would ever miss such an opportunity.

Emil Christoph klein


Emil Christoph, who is responsible for the administration, the logistics and the excellent service in the company, is another cornerstone of the development of the JANSSEN COSMETICS brand in the Czech Republic. In the meantime, Emil and Bohumila have also taken their son Adam Christoph as a successor on board and he will continue developing the distribution of professional cosmetics in their country. For all beauty salons and spas in the Czech Republic a happy perspective for a reliable partnership. Learn more on the homepage of Christoph Trade: www.janssen-beauty.cz

Get in contact with Christoph Trade S.R.O.:

Nová Primetická 360, 66904 ZNOJMO, Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 515 225 853
E-mail: christoph@janssen-beauty.cz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janssencosmeticscz

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