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Step by step to a stunning & firm décolleté

08 April 2021

Day after day, we take care of our face with all kinds of serums, creams and cleansers. With a lot of luck, the neck gets a load here and there. Yet the skin in this area is just as sensitive and in need of care as the face. A breathtakingly beautiful décolleté is always an eye-catcher and it is worthwhile to cherish and care for the décolleté with a lot of love. To keep the sensitive and thin skin as firm and smooth as possible, it is very important to use a décolleté cream. 




Why is décolleté care so important?

Since the skin area is very thin, it is hardly protected from external influences. The result is loss of moisture. Collagen fibres are also not as dense as in other areas of the skin, which can lead to a loss of elasticity and firmness. In addition, the décolleté is intensively exposed to UV rays, especially in summer, and suffers greatly as a result. It appears dry, reddened and may lose elasticity and wrinkles may form. Therefore, it is even more important to pay attention to the right décolleté care and also to prevent premature skin ageing in this area. It is also incredibly important to protect your skin area with sunscreen. Especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors and especially in summer, you should use light textures and creams with SPF, which should not be less than 30.


Treat yourself to some extra care at least once a week, because then it's: Bye, bye wrinkles.


How to care properly: Step by step

1. Cleansing: Your evening routine should take place without your upper body: Dirt should also be off the décolleté at the end of the day. The best way to cleanse the sensitive skin area is with a gentle cleansing milk: Brightening Face Cleanser leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying it out.

2. Prevent: Once a week, a gentle exfoliation is suitable to prevent impurities and facilitate the absorption of active care ingredients. The Intensive Face Scrub noticeably promotes circulation and crushed peach seeds and macadamia nut oil smooth the skin's surface. Always apply the scrub gently over your skin and from bottom to top, without stretching the skin. The key is tenderness.

3. Moisturise: The high-quality Firming Neck & Decolleté Cream smoothes and tightens the delicate skin in the neck and chest area. The formula combines oat extract, yeast extract and hyaluronic acid to hydrate dry skin and improve skin elasticity. Skin and dryness wrinkles are visibly reduced. Gently massage the cream into the skin in the morning and/or evening.

4. Protection: UV protection has long been standard for our face. Our décolleté is also one of the body's sun terraces and gets a lot of harmful rays. Face Guard Advanced counteracts premature skin ageing with effective light protection. Apply the feather-light emulsion under the Firming Neck & Decolleté Cream.

5. Sleep: no joke. As a side or stomach sleeper, you unfortunately have to reckon with wrinkles on the décolleté more quickly. But don't worry, the JANSSEN COSMETICS Beauty Rescue is here: Our vitalising Rich Energy Mask promotes regeneration and increases skin moisture. After 20 minutes, rinse off with a warm damp cloth and gently massage in the rest of the mask and leave it on all night.




Aber nicht nur Cremes zahlen sich aus, auch Seren und Masken mindern Falten, straffen die Haut und eliminieren mit feuchtigkeitsspendenen Substanzen Trockenheitsfältchen und beugen die Hautalterung vor. Zusätzlicher Aufwand zahlt sich aus.


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