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Janssen Cosmetics

Pro-Lift Cream 50ml

  • Reference: 0023
  • Weight: 0.15 kg
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Price: 53.00 € (incl. Tax)
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Rich, regenerating face care cream with cranberry organic peptide and rambutan.

Rich and regenerating face care cream for demanding skin. The combination of the superfruit active ingredients Cranberry Bio Peptide and Rambutan supports skin renewal while reducing first lines and wrinkles. Apply to cleansed skin.


Gently massage in Pro-Lift Cream in the evening after cleansing the skin.  If less rich skin care is required in the evening, Vitalizing Skin Refiner can be integrated into the skin care routine instead of Pro-Lift Cream.

Tip: Use in addition to Vitalizing Skin Refiner.


• Cranberry Bio Peptide: Powerful anti-ageing peptide from cranberries (vaccinium macrocarpon); improves the density of the skin matrix, reduces wrinkles, strengthens the skin's barrier function and promotes radiance

• Well-Ageing Rambutan: Rambutan (nephelium lappaceum) is a delicious tropical fruit that grows in Malaysia and is widely distributed in most Southeast Asian countries. The superfruit has a rejuvenating well-ageing effect on the skin and is rich in antioxidants and minerals. The active ingredient Well-ageing Rambutan is extracted from the leaf of the rambutan bush; visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles; improves skin elasticity for younger-looking skin

• SLM Regenerator: Contains highly concentrated phospholipids, contains lamellar structures similar to the structure of the lipid matrix of the stratum corneum, by providing new skin lipids the skin barrier is restored and regenerated

• Amino acid complex: Contains components of the skin's NMF, moisturises, strengthens the barrier function

• Hyaluronic acid (long and short chain): Immediately noticeable skin smoothness and increase of skin moisture, reduces dryness wrinkles

• Squalane: Squalane binds moisture, improves skin elasticity, strengthens the skin barrier and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines