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Demanding skin requires particular attention

Exhaustion also leaves traces on young people's skin, causing initial wrinkles to become visible. Then, at the very latest, it is time to rethink daily skin care. In contrast to the years prior to this, the skin now becomes pale more quickly, appears more tired, tends to become dry and is more susceptible to degenerative processes. The skin is demanding and requires vitalizing care to combat premature loss of stability and resilience. The best protection against increasingly thinner skin is an intact horny layer. Well padded, its moisture storage capacity is retained and the premature skin aging process is effectively combated. Careful care keeps demanding skin young and fresh.

DEMANDING SKIN now protects and cares for demanding skin even more intensively. Each care product is characterized by its balanced lipid and moisture content, and thereby supports the natural skin function. Demanding skin remains supple and resilient even when faced with external stresses such as dry air, heat or low temperatures. Active substances penetrate deep into the skin, replenish its moisture deposits and stabilize its protective function.

Premature skin aging is noticeably combated.


CLEANSING — Like any other skin condition, demanding skin requires thorough cleansing. It is the mild basis for effective subsequent skin care.


CARE CREAMS — Indispensable active creams to maintain the skin's own moisture and ensure a better skin structure.


ADDITIONAL CARE — Enhancing and accompanying care for skin regeneration and targeted action against fine lines and wrinkles.


EYES & DÉCOLLETÉ — These areas should not be allowed to fall into neglect as they are often the cause of a person's biological age being betrayed.