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The mixture of natural active ingredients and active substances unfold in the deeper layers of the skin and provide the skin with an immediate effect. 

The extraordinary interplay of nature and science for every skin type and every skin need.

Ampoules represent an optimal type of dosed "one-time" application, i.e. one ampoule is intended for one treatment and should always be used up completely. They contain concentrated active substances that react sensitively to atmospheric oxygen. The ampoule concentrates serve to supplement the general care cosmetics and have the task of increasing their effect. Depending on the individual active substances of each ampoule formulation, the skin function is normalised, vitalised or soothed. In addition, the content of long-chain hyaluronic acid gives each ampoule a remarkable moisturising effect. Closely linked to the skin's surface, hyaluronic acid has an extraordinary water-binding capacity. Every skin benefits from this, because more freshness is guaranteed with every application and beautiful, smooth skin is the result.

Ampoule concentrates are ideally suited for use as a cure: in daily application over a period of 7 days or more, they unfold their noticeable effect under the day or night care.


Our ampoules and their benefits



The fast-acting aid for dry and dehydrated skin

  • moisturises "thirsty" skin and replenishes the moisture depot
  • smoothes the skin surface from the inside out
  • gives the skin new suppleness and noticeable freshness
  • reduces wrinkles caused by dryness with a real lifting effect


Rich oily active ingredient concentrate

  • soothes and relaxes extremely dry skin
  • strengthens and regenerates the skin barrier
  • reduces irritation, unpleasant feelings of tension, irritation and inflammation
  • makes the skin more resistant to external stimuli
  • excellent for a facial massage


Detox freshness cure for tired, weary or oily skin 

  • stimulates the body's own detoxification mechanisms
  • prevents oxidative damage
  • reduces age spots and premature skin ageing
  • vitalises and refreshes every skin cell
  • optimises the skin's moisture content and makes lines and wrinkles look smoother



Superfruit power for more radiance and fewer wrinkles

  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • boosts collagen synthesis
  • has an anti-oxidant effect, brightens the skin and reduces pigmentation spots
  • vitamins and minerals give the skin a fresh, even radiance
  • revitalises the skin and at the same time boosts the effect of Vitaforce C Cream

3D-Express lifting for smoother and more youthful skin

  • releases tension in the tissue and reduces expression lines
  • visibly smoothes dryness lines and provides an immediate firming effect, especially around the eyes
  • 72h moisturiser with additional replenishing effect from within
  • increases the durability of make-up and makes it particularly radiant



Firming and skin tightening of the facial contours

  • targeted and visible firming and shaping of facial contours
  • combats melanin accumulations such as pigmentation, age spots and skin redness
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect and protects against free radicals
  • gives the skin a more even and flawless complexion without imperfections


Plant stem cells for the regeneration and cell renewal of mature skin

  • supports skin regeneration by protecting and strengthening skin cells
  • stimulates cell renewal and prolongs its life cycle
  • increases resilience
  • smoothes lines and wrinkles
  • strengthens the moisture barrier

The energy cure for stressed and tired skin

  • activates and vitalises tired skin
  • protects against free radicals
  • stimulates the formation of new cells and promotes the supply of oxygen
  • supports the natural regeneration process
  • counteracts premature skin ageing


Premium active ingredient fluid for tired skin
  • most precious active ingredients for a fresher and more vital radiance
  • visibly and immediately reduces signs of tired skin
  • immediately smoothes wrinkles caused by dryness
  • reduces lines and wrinkles in the long term, especially forehead wrinkles and crow's feet
  • leaves skin looking wonderfully refreshed and rested



Eye Flash Fluid for the stressed eye area

  • immediately smoothes dryness lines
  • noticeable lifting effect
  • improves the elasticity and resilience of the skin
  • reduces puffiness
  • makes especially the sensitive and demanding eye area appear smoother