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The optimal and complementary care for all skin types. 

Our care products that suit every skin type and condition can complement your daily care routine. Whether it's care for the face, lips or hands - there's something for everyone here. The products are also great for giving as gifts, especially if you don't know the skin condition of the person you are giving them to.




We all want radiantly beautiful skin!

While the Sensational Glow Cream primarily creates a lasting glow effect on the skin, the Magic Glow Serum achieves short-term effects thanks to special pigments. The radiance of the skin is improved in the long term by optimising the even structure of the upper skin layers. At the same time, the active ingredients of the two Trend Editions combat the formation of oily shine and the skin's tendency to inflammation (especially to reduce redness). The skin barrier is strengthened and pores are refined while the natural glow reflects the light, creating an optical smoothness on the skin.

Both products are stand-alone day care products and can of course also be used in combination. The serum also serves as a highlighter for individual skin areas or as a primer before make-up.

24-hour care for a lasting glow

  • provides intensive moisture
  • supports the natural skin barrier
  • prevents skin ageing and inflammation
  • soothes the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Serum with instant glow

  • long-lasting moisture
  • strengthens the skin barrier and reduces inflammation
  • increases skin firmness and hydration
  • ideal highlighter or primer for luminous accents


Luxury care for skin in need of regeneration 

This rich intensive care activates and supports the skin's natural regeneration and gives it new energy. The silky texture provides intensive moisture, smoothes dryness lines immediately and plumps up the skin from within. The volume and depth of skin wrinkles are reduced and the skin gains visibly more elasticity, suppleness and a vibrant radiance.



Firming anti-ageing cream with noble fragrance

Marine collagen provides a noticeable lifting effect, binds moisture and thus plumps up fine lines and wrinkles. The skin's own collagen synthesis is promoted, preventing the breakdown of collagen fibres and thus counteracting premature skin ageing. The rich formula helps the skin to increase its collagen content 3-fold, making the skin look more youthful, plumper and firmer.


Stimulation of the cell's own detoxification systems.

Signs of environmental stress and a tired and sallow complexion are combated. Every skin cell is given a fresh lease of life and is proven to be activated to break down debris. Age spots are reduced and the skin is given new freshness, vitality and an even radiant complexion.


Light protection concentrate with SPF30 + infrared protection

The light emulsion can be combined with any day care and softens inflammatory reactions, improves hydration and protects against oxidative stress. The skin cells are demonstrably protected against all environmental influences such as dryness, heat, cold, UV and IR rays.


To preserve the youthfulness of the skin

The serum contains an anti-ageing ingredient that reduces the epigenetic modification of skin cells by external influences and improves the stress resistance and vitality of skin cells. Skin ageing caused by negative external environmental influences can be counteracted and the skin cells are kept young for longer. The skin becomes more resistant and its youthful radiance is preserved.


Eye Care Eye Roll-On with Immediate Effect

The must-have for tired and puffy eyes. The silky elixir refreshes and revitalises the tired eye area, provides intensive moisture and ensures an immediately alert look. The cooling massage ball massages the eye area, stimulating microcirculation to reduce puffiness and smooth wrinkles. Dark eye shadows and signs of fatigue don't stand a chance. 




Smoothing and regenerating lip care

This intensive overnight care soothes dry, chapped lip skin and regenerates the moisture balance. The valuable plant-based active ingredients noticeably smooth the delicate skin of the lips, improve their volume and protect them from moisture loss.



Hand and nail mask for the night

The spa treatment for the home. Regular use ensures wonderfully smooth, noticeably velvety hands and beautifully groomed nails. The nails are given new strength and elasticity and the nail structure is strengthened.


Serum for the targeted lightening of age spots and pigmentation.

Skin discolourations such as age spots and irregular pigmentation on the back of the hands, décolleté or face can be specifically reduced and the formation of new ones inhibited with Dark Spot Perfector. The special feature is the targeted effect against age spots without lightening the surrounding skin. In addition, the serum provides intensive moisture, reduces wrinkles caused by dryness and prevents premature skin ageing.


Herbal cream for scar treatment

The smooth active ingredient cream restructures the connective tissue replacement of the skin and ensures that a scar adapts as inconspicuously as possible to the adjacent skin. The skin becomes noticeably elastic and soft and the formation of new connective tissue fibres is stimulated. At the same time, it develops a pleasant, cooling effect after application and can easily be used several times a day.


Soothing herbal cream for the aftercare of laser-treated skin

Laser skin resurfacing is a highly effective method for smoothing skin wrinkles, acne scars and age spots. After this treatment, special skin care is required to accelerate the granulation process and thus promote an intact skin texture. Skin Resurfacing Balm effectively builds up the skin's physiological protection and leaves the skin feeling velvety and soft. The 24h care soothes skin irritations and has a wonderfully cooling and soothing effect.