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Winter skin care

16 January 2019

In winter our skin is exposed to numerous different strains. The skin is particularly affected by the change between dry heated air indoors and the cold outside. This can cause itching, dryness, eczema and feelings of tension on the skin.

Sub-zero temperatures are particularly damaging to the skin. The sebum production of the skin decreases already at temperatures of -8 degrees Celsius. Then the protective hydrolipidic film of our skin is damaged and makes the skin more vulnerable. So if the barrier function of the skin is disturbed as a result of incomplete hydrolipidic film, the skin is more prone to irritations and even eczema. The term “winter eczema” covers various skin conditions that only affect uncovered parts of the body, such as the face or hands. The skin then shows reddened, scaly areas and feels tense and itchy.

Fine wrinkles develop quickly on the dry cheeks. The skin also becomes tense and itches in areas such as the lower legs, shinbone, feet, hands, elbows and forearms. Brittle, cracked skin makes the skin appear unsightly and a permanent burning and itching disturb the well-being.

Therefore, in the winter, the skin needs a lot of attention in the daily care at home. Also for the treatmentat your cosmetic institute there are high-dose, highly effective care products to protect the skin against the cold.

Our skin care expert recommends ampoules and masks as quick helpers in the winterly skin care for immediately noticeable improvements. They have a high level of active ingredients and can quickly provide relief and visible improvement in terms of smoothness and soothing of irritated skin.

Ampoules can be used in the morning and evening before the usual skin care. Most cream masks can remain on the skin overnight in the evening as a high-dose cocktail of active ingredients.

winterliche Hautpflege

Combinations of ampoules and cream masks after skin cleansing are particularly efficient. The active ingredients from the ampoule can penetrate wonderfully into the skin under the cream mask and the mask supplies the skin with lipids which it needs to form the protective hydrolipidic film.

This little helpful beauty ritual takes only a little more time than the usual skin care. Within a very short time, a smooth, supple and rosy skin is your reward for this little beauty extra.

Rejuvenating Mask

Rejuvenating Mask is a skin-smoothing cream mask for mature skin with the Cellular Regeneration Complex of red clover extract and Kombucha. The high-performance complex provides comprehensive regeneration, smooths the skin and enhances its radiance. The combination of Sensitive Complex and Bisabolol calms and ensures soothing relaxation. Hyaluronic acid provides moisture and leaves your complexion instantly more toned.

Soothing Face Mask

Soothing Face Mask is a rich cream mask and should always be used when the skin sends out an SOS. Redness and swelling are relieved after just a short period of application. The particularly high dose of plant-based sensitive complex impressively reduces extended blood vessels and noticeably normalizes the sensitive skin's readiness to react.

Rich Energy Mask

Rich Energy Mask is a rich cream mask for demanding skin on the face and neck. With apple stem cell extract, hyaluronic acid and ISIS. Its plentiful and supple texture pampers demanding skin and combats the initial signs of tiredness. With each application, the skin is provided with an extra portion of caring and vital substances for a radiantly beautiful appearance.

Rejuvenating Mask by Janssen Cosmetics 4
Soothing Face Mask by Janssen Cosmetics 5
Rich Energy Mask