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At temperatures below eight degrees Celsius, the skin reacts by slowing down the production of sebaceous glands and the skin feels drier.

You notice this feeling, especially when you come in from outside in the warm. The feeling of dryness is caused by the increased moisture loss on the skin surface. An effect that is also noticeable in strong winds.



You can support your skin now with a richer care with valuable plant oils, which are similar to the natural lipid layer of the skin. Therefore, winter skin care must be rich and moisturising. Water-based light creams or fluids are rather not recommended in winter.

Our recommendation for winter skin care: Rich Recovery Cream

Macadamia nut oil and shea butter are the vegetable lipids which, in addition to the active ingredients used in high doses, work wonders for rough and lipid-deficient skin. Saccharide Isomerate is a natural moisturising substance based on natural sugars and binds the moisture in the upper layers of the skin, thus acting like a moisture magnet. They improve cell cohesion and thus strengthen the natural skin barrier to protect against further moisture loss. Vitamin A palmitate stimulates the cell division rate and thus promotes skin renewal.

With these active ingredients, Rich Recovery Cream balances the hydro-lipid film, especially for mature skin or skin in need of regeneration.



Don't forget the UV protection!

Please also remember: Even in the light-poor months, the skin should be effectively protected against UV radiation. The feather-light emulsion of Face Guard Advanced protects the skin and slows down light-induced skin aging. Simply apply under your day care.

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