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Vegan cosmetics

16 September 2020

Vegan products: First in the kitchen and now in the bathroom? More and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle that excludes the use of animal products. The cosmetics industry is now also increasingly focusing on vegan ingredients. We show you which of our care products are also free of animal ingredients.

Transparency is important to us

Have you ever thought that your cream or make-up could contain animal ingredients? When eating, it is natural to think about the ingredients. But who knows what is hidden behind various ingredients (incis) in cosmetic products? Not only in nutrition, but also in all other areas of life people are rethinking. Vegan cosmetics stand for transparency, as all ingredients are disclosed to exclude the use of animal materials. Transparency is also very important to us. To create exactly this transparency, we will tell you which products in our SENSTIVE SKIN SERIES are vegan and explain some interesting facts about vegan cosmetics.

In any case, we attach great importance to natural ingredients that are of vegetable and biotechnological origin. Especially in our SENSTIVE SKIN SERIES we deliberately avoid alcohol & Co. Because especially customers with sensitive skin can react negatively to ingredients like alcohol. It is particularly important to us that the users of our cosmetic products are satisfied with all aspects of their application and thus provide their skin with the best possible care.

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When is a cosmetic product vegan?

A cosmetic product is vegan if no animal materials are used in its manufacture. The products are of course not tested on animals. In addition, vegan cosmetics are mainly based on renewable vegetable raw materials.

Which ingredients are excluded from vegan cosmetics?

Certain oils, enzymes and collagens, which are obtained from animal ingredients, or honey and beeswax, which come from living animals, are taboo in vegan cosmetics. Vegan care products are not tested on animals like all other cosmetic products from JANSSEN COSMETICS.

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SENSITIVE SKIN is completely free from
potentially irritating ingredients such as fragrance allergens
and dyes. It is therefore also suitable as an oncological
skin care. Because after chemotherapy the
skin a special, low-irritant, soothing and the skin barrier
strengthening care, in order to be optimally protected from the effects
of the therapy.