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Two new beauty highlights from JANSSEN COSMETICS

29 October 2019
Luxury Oil Cleanser by Janssen Cosmetics

Our MATURE SKIN series is extended by a new beauty highlight

May we introduce?! The new LUXURY OIL CLEANSER - an exquisite, golden shimmering cleansing oil that cleanses the skin quickly, gently and thoroughly.

LUXURY OIL CLEANSER is a pleasantly light cleansing oil for dry, mature skin from our MATURE SKIN range. The luxurious, golden shimmering oil cleanses the skin quickly, gently and thoroughly without impairing its natural protective barrier. It is ideal for dissolving and removing dust and dirt particles as well as make-up and can be quickly rinsed off with water.

With its hydrophilic formula it achieves a perfect cleansing effect and effortlessly removes even waterproof eye make-up in a practical cleaning step.

LUXURY OIL CLEANSER contains valuable natural oils that intensively care for the skin even during cleansing. Gold of Pleasure Oil is rich in essential omega fatty acids and can support the skin's barrier properties. Calendula extract reduces irritation and soothes stressed skin.

The result: pure and soft skin without a feeling of tension.

The perfect solution for a gentle cleansing routine!



Beautiful hands overnight - with the new Goodnight Hand Mask!

The second highlight of this autumn is the GOODNIGHT HAND MASK, the hand and nail mask for the night.

In everyday life, the hands are particularly stressed by external influences: Frequent hand washing, temperature changes and environmental stress are just some of the factors that make the skin sensitive and dry. In addition, the hands tend to dry naturally because they have relatively few sebaceous glands.

GOODNIGHT HAND MASK provides noticeably smooth hands overnight. The rich formula cares for dry and stressed skin with a moisturising and soothing mix of glycerine, urea and bisabolol. The skin around the fingernail is also intensively nourished. The regeneration of cracked cuticles is supported and renewed tearing is prevented. In addition, the contained biotin strengthens the nail structure and increases its resistance. Dry, brittle nails become firm, elastic and shiny again.

GOODNIGHT HAND MASK is a home spa treatment. Used regularly, it ensures wonderfully smooth, noticeably velvety hands and beautifully groomed nails.