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Trend Edition Oily Skin: Microsilver Serum & AHA Face Cream

19 October 2017

The new, specialised treatments for greasy, blemished skin

JANSSEN COSMETIC is launching these two new products. Microsilver Serum and AHA Face Cream are two new, effective treatments for troublesome greasy and blemished skin types. In an interview with our Online Editorial team, the application specialist Hannelore Thoma told us exactly what is special about these products.

Online Editorial: Blemished skin and acne are stressful cosmetic problems. In which stage of life do these problems occur more frequently?

I’d like to be honest and say it’s not just a problem that only affects young people during their teenage years or puberty. Acne and blemishes can actually occur in adult life. First of all, we need to consider what causes these problem skin types. There are several causes, for example the endogenous causes such as genetic predisposition, hormones, and psychological factors - in other words, these factors are caused by our biology and we have little to no control over them. The age of a person doesn't have any effect on these problems.

Empirical studies suggest that blemished, acne-prone skin is due to a genetic predisposition. If both parents, or even just one parent, has acne, then there is a high probability that their children will also have acne-prone skin.

In terms of hormones, it’s the androgenic hormones that stimulate, amongst other things, the sebaceous gland functions, and simultaneously stimulate cell growth within the follicle naturally during puberty. These androgenic hormones can stay active into later life.

Psychological stress causes the so-called acne excorièe.

Exogenous causes, so the factors which are determined by our lifestyle, are mainly UV radiation, cosmetics, medicines, building constructions and food supplements, to name a few.

Online Editorial: Mrs. Thoma, what can cosmetics do in terms of countering the unwanted appearance of acne and blemished skin?

A long-term, lasting solution can only be guaranteed by a consistent home skincare routine. You can get a first impression of the severity of the acne and its causes from a beautician at the counter. Since there are several classifications and gradings of the degree of inflammation of the efflorescences, the beautician will need a comprehensive medical history. An active agent cosmetic developed for blemished and greasy skin needs to be designed considering five important points in terms of their ingredients. It has to regulate or minimise the cornification of the sebaceous glands, prevent the production of new oil on the skin, have an anti-inflammatory effect and minimise larger pores, which all contributes to a more even overall appearance of the skin.

This has always been successful with the products from the Oily Skin Series, for both young and mature skin types. In addition to the current range of products in this series, two new products have been launched. A fruit acid cream and a microsilver serum. Even customers who don’t consider themselves to have acne-prone or blemished skin, but are simply looking for a solution to even-out their skin tone in the short-term, will find this product highly useful.



Online Editorial: You have just mentioned the new products, AHA Face Cream and Microsilver Serum. What, in particular, is special about these two products? How do they work?

AHA Face Cream is a satisfyingly easy-to-use 24 hour treatment for greasy, blemish-prone skin. This round-the-clock face care removes dead skin cells and activates natural skin rejuvenation.

Blocked pores, a common cause of blackheads and inflammations, are left clear once more. The skin is simultaneously left more moisturised, appears fresher and smoother - an effect which is appealing for those with mature skin as well as those with blemish-prone skin. AHA Face Cream contains a fruit acid combination of glycolic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid. When used regularly, appearance of the skin can be significantly improved. Pores appear smaller, skin is more even and soft.


Microsilver Serum has an optimal and long-lasting effect on pimples, blemishes and skin irritation caused by stress.

The highly effective formula with 0.2% microsilver and 3.5% glycolic acid improves skin appearance in the long-term and demonstrates an optimal balance between effectiveness and compatibility. Microsilver has been shown to remove germs and microorganisms from the surface of the skin. Thanks to this special surface, microsilver leaves a deposit on the skin which continually provides antibiotic silver ions. Clean skin can be restored and maintained in the long-term. Microsilver doesn’t penetrate into the deeper skin layers due to its size. Glycolic acid reduces excessive cornification. Existing blackheads are reduced more quickly and new blackheads are prevented from forming. The result? Microsilver Serum improves the appearance of skin when used regularly. Clinical studies evaluating the effectiveness of microsilver have shown that, when used at a concentration of 0.2%, after 12 weeks of use, a significant reduction in the papsules and the pustules could be achieved.

What’s special about these two products, however, is the interaction between how they work and how they are applied. The Microsilver Serum should always be applied straight after cleansing the skin. During the day, the Clarifying Cream Gel can be used, and the AHA Face Cream should be used for night care.  In the low-light months (winter, due to UV radiation), the AHA Face Cream can also be used during the day. It’s important, however, while using these compounds containing fruit acid to also use appropriate sun protection - I would recommend the Face Guard Advanced which, in addition to the classic SPF 30, also offers protection from infra-red light. This is especially important for preventing signs of ageing, because infra-red light damages the skin at a deeper level (stem cell regeneration).




Online Editorial: Mrs. Thoma, would you recommend these products for all ages?

The two products are excellently suited for skin of all ages. Young customers who have acne or blemished skin can benefit from the active ingredients just as much as customers who are past puberty. For improving greasy patches of skin, deposits, or large pores, or just returning the skin to its natural balance - these products appeal to a wide range of customers of all ages. You could therefore say that the products are not designed exclusively for a particular age of skin, but rather for the customer’s need or desire to combat undesirable blemishes.

Online Editorial: Mrs. Thoma, what advice would you give to people suffering with acne?

It’s always useful to change your diet and practise a healthy lifestyle, of course. Changing diet habits not only ensures a more attractive appearance to skin, but also helps us to stay fit and healthy. Anyone who finds that certain foods have an undesirable effect on the skin should change their diet and cut out the troublesome foods, in particular carbohydrates containing highly saturated fats. Changing the diet, in combination with a carefully considered skin care routine, has already proven successful in many cases.

Obviously, the hard part is implementing a routine. By cleansing skin daily with the products from the Oily Skin Series, for example, and the using the further treatments, which are applied daily in the morning and evening, a noticeable - and most importantly lasting - solution can be achieved. Anyone who incorporates these steps into his or her skin care routine will certainly be able to enjoy a new, fresh, acne-free appearance to the skin. The further treatments are also suitable for all other skin conditions, whether at a beautician’s counter or in your at-home skin care routine. Because after acne comes anti-ageing.