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Sustainability at Janssen Cosmetics

17 August 2020

As a family company with an international impact, JANSSEN COSMETICS is aware of its responsibility towards the environment and future generations. The cosmetics company relies on sustainable and respectful treatment of natural resources – both now and in the future!

“How to have a greener footprint is a hot topic of discussion – and rightly so! As a cosmetics company working worldwide in over 85 countries, and now in its second generation of manufacturing quality skincare systems in Aachen, Germany, we are driven by passion to take responsibility for our environment. We stand up for respectful treatment of natural resources and talk to our partners worldwide to increase awareness about the environment and sustainability,” explain Ulrich and Reinhard Janssen.

In previous years, JANSSEN COSMETICS has taken many steps towards conducting business more sustainably. Packaging and shipping have been the forerunners in this resource-friendly development. Almost 95% of the packing materials for the high-quality cosmetics products is sourced from Europe, whilst 100% of bulk packaging comes from Europe. Shipping boxes consist of 80% recycled cardboard. JANSSEN COSMETICS doesn't use polystyrene as a packing filler, relying instead on mechanical pulp cardboard, re-purposing waste cardboard. In addition, the product boxes and the paper used for all our documentation such as brochures and posters have FSC certification. To ensure continued development in the area of environmental protection, resource-friendly measures are currently an important part of the JANSSEN COSMETICS agenda and will remain so. This includes further reduction of plastic through the use of new packing solutions, for example.