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Concentrated sea power: Summer Breeze Cleansing Mousse

15 June 2020

Did you know that the depths of the oceans hide treasures of immeasurable value for our skin? Treasures such as red algae and sea fennel from the sea give the skin incomparable vitality and freshness. The protein-rich red alga contains numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements and strengthens the skin's resistance. Thanks to its richness in fatty acids and minerals, sea fennel enhances the skin's radiance and gives a rosy complexion. Seawater in general stimulates the metabolism of the skin cells while hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting moisture.

Mild face cleansing for the summer

Especially in the warmer season, it is important that our skin is supplied with a particularly large amount of moisture and minerals. Because even if summer, sun and beach mean relaxation for us, this is not always just as relaxing for our skin. Various factors such as higher temperature, air humidity, sun and wind bring our skin out of balance. Swimming in fresh or salt water on hot summer days Skin dries out the skin. As our skin is more oily in summer and therefore more susceptible to skin impurities such as pimples, a mild cleansing in the morning is very important to us in the evening - with our mild summer cleansing foam.

Summer Breeze Cleansing Mousse

Summer Breeze Cleansing Mousse is a mild skin cleansing for every day and the perfect companion for the warm season. The refreshing, melt-in-the-mouth cleansing foam reliably removes impurities, make-up and excess oil from the skin and at the same time provides vitalising care. Thanks to mild surfactants, Summer Breeze Cleansing Mousse cleanses the sensitive facial skin particularly gently. At the same time, highly concentrated refatting substances protect the skin from drying out. This counteracts feelings of tension and dryness of the skin. Invigorating Kombucha extract and moisturising glycerine provide extra care. The cleansing foam leaves the complexion radiantly clear and wonderfully refreshed.

Mild cleaning: foaming & biodegradable

Surfactants are surface-active, washing-active substances that make the product foam and clean the skin particularly mildly. The Cleansing Mousse contains a particularly mild combination of surfactants based on amino acids which is particularly kind to the skin. In addition to their excellent skin and mucous membrane compatibility, these surfactants are also characterised by good foaming properties and very good biodegradability.

Kombucha is a biotechnological extract of black tea that vitalises the skin and gives it a great radiance. Glycerine provides an extra portion of moisture in summer.

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How to use the Cleansing Mousse

Apply the mousse to the palm of your hand and spread it gently over your face, neck and décolleté. Add a little water, massage briefly and remove with plenty of water.

Make-up removal made easy

Even water-soluble eye make-up can be gently and gently removed with the help of a cotton pad. To do this, simply apply foam to the moistened cotton wool pad, place the pad gently on the closed eyelids and wipe off with light pressure in the direction of the lashes.