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Skin care properly dosed

13 March 2020

Many people often wonder how much skin care product to use at all.
We will show you what amounts of exfoliant, serum, eye cream and cream you should use to achieve the best possible result. When it comes to cleansing care, it all depends on whether you wear make-up and how easily it can be removed.

To exfoliate your face with a cream peeling with small abrasive particles, we recommend a hazelnut-sized amount of the product. With a gel peeling you can get by with considerably less product. If you moisten your fingers with lukewarm water, the peeling can be ideally spread over the entire face and you can manually remove the skin flakes. For a gel peeling, it is recommended to apply the peeling with a mask or fan brush. For the best possible result, you should exfoliate your face a maximum of once a week.

In the case of skin care creams, the amount depends on whether you use a rich or light cream. Usually a two cent amount is sufficient. This allows the care cream to unfold ideally and the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin.

Eye Cream
For the eye area, a small amount the size of a small pea is sufficient for both eyes. The eye cream should be gently worked into the skin with the ring finger without pressure.

Due to its gel-like to liquid consistency, a serum can be easily distributed over a large area. A pea-sized amount (usually a pump-up of the product) is completely sufficient. Since the active ingredient concentrations in serums are higher than in creams, you can therefore be more economical to achieve a perfect result.
For the mask you may use a little more product. The layer you apply to the skin should be applied generously, so that in the case of a cream mask a closed layer of the product lies on the skin. Here you should use a walnut-sized amount.
With these amounts of product the skin is ideally nourished and you will achieve the best possible result.