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A luxurious start to the new year

14 December 2020

2020 is probably the year during which stress and worries have increased the appearance of wrinkles to the maximum. Who wouldn't wish for calmer times and smoother skin?! Eternal youth? With our PLATINUM CARE anti-aging skin care range this is within reach. Because after such a turbulent year as 2020 was, we need the perfect rejuvenating cure for the skin. You don't yet know our PLATINUM CARE care series? Get to know our luxury care...

Platinum, one of the rarest and most exclusive raw materials on earth, stands for luxury and tasteful, understated elegance. In the exclusive care series PLATINUM CARE this precious raw material has been processed in combination with other valuable ingredients. The result is an absolutely incomparable pampering experience for skin and senses! The luxury care convinces with a highly effective formula of exquisite ingredients, a silky-luxurious texture and a wonderfully elegant fragrance.

Pure luxury for the skin

Luxury care at the highest level can be experienced right from the first use: the skin feels the unique effect of the innovative Platinum-MP-Complex - based on the rare and very valuable raw material platinum and the highest quality active ingredients from nature, biotechnology and synthesis, which ensure maximum skin regeneration.

Special anti-aging complex

The highlight of the luxury line is the special anti-aging Platinum-MP-Complex, which consists of 3 components. Platinum, one of the rarest raw materials on earth, provides an immediately noticeable improvement in the feeling of the skin. The skin appears refreshed and relaxed. The powerful high-tech peptide Matrixyl TM Synthe'6TM has an extraordinary wrinkle-filling effect. The skin's relief is demonstrably smoothed, wrinkles are filled from within and the skin substance is sustainably built up. The multi-active silk acacia extract additionally reduces visual signs of fatigue such as dark circles, puffiness and sagging facial features and ensures a youthful radiance.

Double effect

PLATINUM CARE convinces with a double anti-ageing effect: the skin surface is immediately visibly smoothed and at the same time a long-term deep effect is achieved in the skin tissue. The luxurious texture and elegant fragrance also pamper the skin and senses.  


With our second December Special we are declaring war on wrinkles!

With the purchase of two Platinum Care products you will receive the Brilliance Shine Elixir (7x 2ml ampoules) as a gift.

The offer is valid from 14th December up to and including 31st December 2020 for end-consumers in the UK



During the day the skin needs lightness, comfort and protection. The Premium Anti-Aging Day Cream meets these needs. The luxurious texture provides the skin with highly active anti-ageing ingredients all day long. The innovative Platinum MP Complex ensures a comprehensive improvement of the skin's structure, increased elasticity and a youthful radiance.

At night the skin's own regeneration processes are particularly active. The Premium Anti-Aging Night Cream supports the skin in this process. The regenerative formula supplies the skin with highly active anti-ageing ingredients throughout the night. The skin's relief is demonstrably smoothed, wrinkles are filled from the inside and the skin substance is sustainably built up.

* All prices incl. Tax - Freight charges not included