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New: Retinol Lift Capsules

31 August 2020

Practical, efficient and perfectly proportioned: Care capsules containing a highly concentrated serum. This is not the only reason why capsules are so popular. Our Demanding Skin series has now been enriched with a new serum care capsule: Retinol Lift. We will explain you the advantages of care capsules and tell you more about our Retinol Lift care capsules.

Care capsules are not only a great alternative when travelling. In everyday use, too, the care capsules have long since established themselves as a secret darling. The capsules are practical and quick to use and also offer a plus point: hygiene. Here are our personal advantages of the care capsules:


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#1 Biodegradable

The outer shell of the capsules is made of vegetable-based, biodegradable material.




#2 Perfectly portioned

"A lot helps a lot" does not always apply. The care capsules are perfectly dosed.




#3 Airtight & light-protected

Inside the capsules, active ingredients generally remain more stable because they are protected from light. In addition, the contents of the capsules are protected airtight. Because the capsule is only opened when it is applied to the skin.



Soon available: Retinol Lift

Retinol Lift works specifically to fight against fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and gives you a fresh, even complexion. Each individual capsule contains a highly effective combination of retinol and vitamin E acetate for pampering the skin, all embedded in a formula of valuable oils.
Retinol is one of the longest used and best studied active ingredients for anti-aging. It promotes the production of new skin cells, stimulates collagen formation and regenerates minor skin damage caused by UV radiation, for example. Usually, retinol is sensitive to air, heat and light – however, the capsule technology used protects the retinol from external influences so that its effectiveness is guaranteed in every application.
Efficacy studies confirm that Retinol Lift, when used regularly, reduces lines and wrinkles by 15%, increases skin elasticity by 12% and improves firmness by 14.5%, while improving skin radiance by 22.2% at the same time. The appearance of the skin is refined while lines and wrinkles are reduced as well as age and pigment spots.
The formula is free of fragrances and preservatives and is very well tolerated by the skin.


Active Substance

Retinol is known for its ability to support the natural regeneration of the skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers. As a very effective form of vitamin A, it helps the skin to gain elasticity and makes it more radiant