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The luxurious formula of our CAVIAR LUXURY CREAM is perfect for women who demand only the best. Pampering the skin is the top priority for this formula. The rich, luxurious treatment gives the skin extraordinary radiance. The anti-ageing caviar extract leaves skin looking smooth and gives it greater volume. Lines and wrinkle appear reduced and natural skin regeneration is boosted and supported. Thanks to the silky texture and exquisite blend of fragrances, it appeals to all the senses.




Do you know that feeling when your lips are so dry and chapped that you can hardly bear to touch them? The new caring GOODNIGHT LIP MASK from JANSSEN COSMETICS is the ideal solution and helps you regain full, supple lips.

With highly-effective repair, the lip mask allows especially dry, brittle lips to breathe again. Goodnight Lip Mask supplies the lips with nourishing agents at night, when the skin is particularly busy with regeneration and collagen build-up and repair mechanisms are running at full speed. The Goodnight Lip Mask is also the perfect daytime SOS treatment for stressed lips. A delicate melting texture – true balm for the lips and the soul.

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