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Mature Skin Set

19 October 2017

The perfect match to the golden October outside: our MATURE SKIN care set consisting of Skin Contour Cream and Age Perfecting Serum! Pamper your skin with these extraordinary skin care products and prepare it for the upcoming winter!

JANSSEN COSMETICS has dealt intensively with the process of skin aging. We know that the treatment of wrinkles on the surface of the skin alone is not sufficient. The contour of the face is the most important criterion in estimating the perceived age. Sagging of the cheek area immediately makes a person appear older. If cheek sagging is reduced, the person automatically appears younger in the eyes of the beholder.

Skin Contour Cream

Skin Contour Cream remodels skin which is in need of regeneration and firms it from its depths. The skin is helped at the point at which aging begins. The effectiveness of the innovative contents has been scientifically proved* and makes the power emulsion a specialist for firmer, lifted skin with increased radiance.

In addition, the highly-active plant extract SORR specifically combats unattractive collections of melanin (brown flecks) and skin redness which tend to form as we age. SORR has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, and therefore protects the three chromophores (collagen, hemoglobin and melanin), which ensure flawless skin without blemishes and pigmentation disorders.

Skin Contour Cream possesses a lipid content of 27%. The plentiful cream for optimizing the profile is outstandingly suitable for women who would like a richer care product.

Age Perfecting Serum

Age Perfecting Sereum, with its Cellular Regeneration Complex, is the ideal supplement to Skin Contour Cream. The highly-concentrated serum strengthens their effects and ensures firmer skin and soothing suppleness every day.

The high-performance active ingredients of the Cellular Regeneration Complex – called CRC for short – ensure a comprehensive regeneration of mature skin and strengthen the skin’s structure. Red clover extract has been shown to reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and moisturise. Kombucha, a multi-active ingredient from fermented black tea, improves the radiance. Recent studies show that Kombucha can stimulate the development and maturation of the fat cells in the skin and thus acts as a natural lipo-filling.

In addition, short and long-chain hyaluronic acid provides intensive moisture and makes the complexion appear instantly plumper. Vitamins C and E protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals and help to prevent premature skin ageing caused by light. In combination with plant stem cells from the alpine rose, the skin is optimally protected against environmental stress.

For fast and visible results, the serum should be combined with your regular care routine in the morning and evening.

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