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MASKNE - Skin impurities caused by masks

20 October 2020

2020 has presented us with unprecedented challenges. And they are still continuing. Cosmetic products must meet new requirements in these times. After all, under a mouth-and-nose protection our skin is exposed to challenges and needs good care. We show you how you can counteract the mask related skin impurities "MASKNE" (mask acne).

Put the mask on, take the mask off - and this several times a day. Wearing masks can cause various skin problems. Besides dryness and redness, impure skin, blackheads and pimples are typical. This skin impurities caused by masks are called MASKNE (pun for "mask acne"). The causes are increased sebum production and excessive bacterial colonisation of the skin flora. Our OILY SKIN series focuses precisely on this, because for impure, coarse-pored skin is the correct and regular care necessary! Special attention must be paid to daily care cosmetics. In the case of skin impurities caused by masks (masks), it is crucial to restore impure skin to its normal state and to combat skin impurities locally. OILY SKIN is based on clarifying and soothing combinations of active ingredients that achieve an immediately visible, noticeable and lasting improvement in the skin's appearance.

Caution: make-up residue in the mask

Those who gave their skin a well-deserved break from daily make-up at the beginning of the pandemic, want no longer feel like doing without their daily make-up. But even decorative cosmetics like make-up & co. have to meet particularly high standards in times like these. However, it is not impossible that make-up residues stick to the inside of the mask. This way, however, these residues easily get back onto the sensitive facial skin. And so it is no accident that your own skin suffers from "mask acne" - an acne-like appearance caused by wearing a mask.


Prevent MASKNE

We show you how you can counteract mask-related skin problems such as acne - with the right care routine. And we will introduce you to our OILY SEKIN SOS favourites for combating MASKNE.

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Set on cleansing routine

In the morning and in the evening an extensive cleansing routine is essential. Our Clarifying Cleansing Gel removes make-up and bacteria residues from the skin that have been deposited by the mask. The Purifying Tonic Lotion clarifies the skin without draining it of moisture.

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Use highly effective serum

Normalizing Skin Complex is a highly effective active ingredient concentrate for local application and targeted combating of skin impurities. The light formula contains salicylic acid to open the pores and loosen superficial skin flakes.

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24-hour care

Skin with a tendency to acne is often accompanied by a coarse-pored skin texture and a disturbing greasy shine. This is where Clarifying Cream Gel comes in and fulfils all the requirements for optimal 24-hour care for skin that tends to become blemished! The light gel texture refines the pore structure, helps inflammations to subside more quickly and prevents new impurities.

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Replace & clean mask regularly

The mask should be washed and replaced regularly. Boiling is also recommended to inactivate germs.

Special tip: To ensure that the mask remains gentle to the skin and the fabric is not roughened, the mask should be dried briefly in the dryer.


Dry lips because of the protective mask?

If you are not wearing a mask, it is recommended to use a lip balm. Our LipMask helps against dry, chapped and cracked lips.