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Look me in the eyes...

11 June 2018
Beautiful Eyes Header EN

Unhealthy diet, lack of sleep or too much work in front of the computer screen - swollen eyes can have many reasons. We will tell you here how you can cosmetically counteract these unsightly side effects: With the introduction of the new eye massage sticks for the beauticians and the combined care set Beautiful Eyes Janssen Cosmetics offers two effective steps to treat a tired, overworked eye contours.


Enjoy a soothing eye massage with your beautician and the directly effective care products in the cabin - Eye Flash Fluid with the Hydrogel Mask Eye and the Collagen Fleecen for the eyes are the first visible accents. Continue the treatment in home care. The combined care solution Beautiful Eyes with the Eye Flash Fluid Ampoule and the Hydrogel Mask Eye Patches guarantees great effects.

The eye ampoule Eye Flash Fluid gives the stressed eye area a new look and freshness in just a few minutes. In the long term, the skin's own moisture deposits will be replenished and wrinkles visibly softened.

The Hydrogel Mask Eye in combination with the ampoule (our new Beautiful Eyes) is the SOS solution for immediately visible results. These refreshing eye patches spoil tired eyes and reduce swelling. The result: The eye area looks radiant immediately. Fine lines and swelling are reduced.

Beautiful Eyes EN

Other than that, you can do the following to reduce swelling around the eyes:

1. Drink a lot
Anyone with a tendency to swollen eyes should always take care of sufficient liquid intake, preferrably water or other non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, sugar-free drinks and salt-reduced diet.

2. Sleep enough
Sleep well, 7-8 hours are optimal, to recover from the day. Swollen eyes will be back to normal soon.

3. Light eye massages
Easy massages can help to activate the microcirculation of the cells and the removal of slight congestions in the vessels.