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Home-Gym: Daily 5 minutes work-out

15 April 2020

You have been sent to the home office and your after-work visit to the gym has to be cancelled due to the current situation? And you are sad because your beloved yoga studio had to close? We suffer along with you and have a great idea to avoid having to store the yoga mat in the basement indefinitely. Just roll out the mat in the living room! We have thought of an exclusive JANSSEN COSMETICS workout for you.

In combination with our BODY products the exercises are at least as efficient as in the gym!

EXCLUSIVE: Daily 5-minute workout by JANSSEN COSMETICS

In order not to lose your physical fitness and to be able to devote yourself to your bikini figure at home despite your corona, we have created a great workout with 9 effective exercises that can be done comfortably in your living room. So what are you waiting for? Let's go!

Each of the nine exercises is only performed for 30 seconds. There is a 5 second break between the exercises. Have fun!

Perfect results with our skin care to complement the work-out

The best part of our 5-minute bikini workout? In combination with our Body Contour Booster the workout is even more efficient. Because with the additional active ingredients of the Body Contour Booster you can achieve great effects. We recommend applying the Body Contour Booster after showering. Small tip: Do not shower too hot. Hot water rinses lipids and fats from the skin surface and makes it dry. Dry your skin properly after the shower and then apply the product generously to your body. 

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Preparation: Stand upright with your legs about shoulder width apart.

Execution: Slide your hands backwards & bend your knees.

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Preparation: Take a step forward at the beginning and
also look ahead (not at your feet).
Execution: Bend your legs in a controlled manner until they are each angled at about 90 degrees. Keep upper body straight. As you move, your hips sink down and your back knee now almost touches the floor. Repeat the exercise on both sides.

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Preparation: Lie on your back & bend your legs

Execution: Have your upper body from the floor to the knees. When leaning back stop just before the floor. The feet always remain on the floor.

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Preparation: Support yourself on your forearms and tiptoes and form a straight line with your body for 30 seconds.

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Preparation: Support yourself on your hands and tiptoes. Your hands are stretched out. Keep your back straight.

Performance: Angle your arms slowly downwards at a 90-degree angle and then slowly push yourself up again. Important: Keep your body straight during the exercise.

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Lie down on the floor, lift your legs and arms. The torso must remain on the floor.

Now stretch out your arms and put them back on.

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Stand up straight and put your arms in the starting position.

Execution: Make a jump with both legs to the side and lift the arms simultaneously.

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Stand up straight and pull your arms to your upper body.

Now quickly lift the left and right leg alternately up to the chest.




Lie down on the floor with your arms to your side.

Stretch your legs and walk into a candle. Then roll
Slowly move back with your legs towards the floor and stop just before the floor.

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