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German Brand Award 2020

23 June 2020

We have been awarded in this year's German Brand Award in the category "Excellent Brands" (Beauty & Care).

The success story of JANSSEN COSMETICS began with the vision of creating care products that can do more than the previous ones! They set out to find extraordinary active ingredients that go under the skin and beyond superficial skin improvement. Deep action down to the lowest skin layers was the challenge Janssen Cosmetics took up in 1990!

A symbiosis of pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients forms the basis of today's JANSSEN COSMETICS care products and enables the transition from pure beauty care to scientifically based skin care. JANSSEN COSMETICS care products are based exclusively on active ingredients that produce convincing visible and tangible results and are extremely well tolerated.

In close cooperation with leading dermatologists and renowned cosmetic laboratories, JANSSEN COSMETICS has succeeded in creating system care products that perfectly serve the different needs of the skin. Each cosmeceutical series is based on an active ingredient concept that is optimally tailored to the different skin types and achieves an immediate and long-term improvement in the skin's appearance.

The JANSSEN COSMETICS product range today comprises more than 250 sales and treatment products for the cabin. Whether deep-acting cosmeceutical products, luxury care in a class of its own or relaxing wellness rituals - Janssen Cosmetics leaves nothing to be desired!

German Brand Award: The prize for successful brand management
Initiated by the German Design and Branding Authority, judged by a top-class panel of experts
from brand economy and brand science: The German Brand Award is the award for
successful brand management in Germany. It discovers, presents and awards unique brands and
Brand makers - and not only brings the winners forward, but also their respective industries.

About the German Brand Award

The German Brand Institute Foundation was jointly established by the German Design Council and GMK
brand consulting was brought to life. Its aim is to highlight the importance of the brand as a decisive success factor of companies in the national and international competitive environment. With the German Brand
Award, the foundation presents a unique award for outstanding brand management.

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