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Lifting with fun factor: 3 effective face-workout exercises

09 July 2020

Facial gymnastics as an alternative to Botox? In addition to the daily anti-age care, the skin's appearance can be specifically trained. We show you exercises for effective training of the facial muscles, which will keep your skin youthfully firm and are the perfect complement to your anti-age care cream. And all this simply in front of the TV or in the office.

Wrinkles, bags under the eyes & Co. simply trained away?

Intensive stimulation training can improve muscle tension and reduce wrinkles. Deep-seated muscle and connective tissue is stimulated or stressed under light pressure and can produce great effects. But discipline is also part of it, just like in body gymnastics: you should train as consistently as possible. Daily exercises, about five to ten minutes in the morning or evening, are often sufficient. Because then the workout is at least as effective as a HIT workout.

Did you know that ...? 26 muscles alone shape our face. They are cleverly interwoven and give it contour and support.



facegym_Zeichenfläche 1 falten_Zeichenfläche 1


#1 Place fingers on the eyebrows and thumbs on the cheekbones, so that your fingers form a glasses shape around the eyes.

#2 Enlarge the eyes and blink

#3 Tense the skin around the eyes

10 repetitions



#1 Place flat fingers on the tense forehead so that the fingertips almost touch

#2 Pull & tense forehead muscle upwards

3# Prevent wrinkles from forming through the fingers

10 repetitions


#1 Take a breath and exhale air by puffing out your cheeks

#2 Pushing the air back and forth in your cheeks

10 repetitions


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Eternal youth in the twinkling of an eye

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New radiance and freshness in just a few minutes. The Instant Lift Serum contains a maximum amount of marine collagen, which results in immediately visible skin tightening. The result: the skin looks as if it is padded up, appears smoother, more elastic and firmer.

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The firming Effect Serum gives the skin immediately noticeable smoothness and youthful
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