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Epigenetic Serum wins the Health, Beauty and Wellness Award by the LUX Magazine

20 September 2019
Lux Award Epigenetic Serum

The weekend couldn’t start with better news! Our Epigenetic Serum has won the prestigious Health, Beauty & Wellness Award Anti-Ageing Product of the Year 2019 by the LUX Magazine!

Epigenetic Serum

Recent scientific studies show: Our genes don’t determine everything. Your activity is governed by lifestyle and intake - both through diet and through the active ingredients we apply to our skin.

Scientists explain this phenomenon with a so-called epigenetic alteration of genetic material. There are chemical patterns within our DNA that determine the extent to which genes switch on or off. These chemical patterns can occur, for example, because of negative, external environmental factors and lead to permanent skin ageing. This causes skin cells to be altered epigenetically and they continue to age even when stress factors are removed.

Epigenetic Serum contains an anti-ageing ingredient that minimises epigenetic skin cell alteration caused by external influences and improves skin cell vitality and stress resistance.

Calendula flower extract, rich in oligosaccharides, regulates two of the mechanisms essential to epigenetic alteration: Histone modification (chemical alteration to histones, the “spools” around which DNA winds) and the production of micro-RNA (very short nucleotide chains, which control gene regulation). This enables erroneous epigenetic coding to be corrected and helps to combat the skin ageing process.

The result: Your skin becomes more resistant to the ravages of time, maintaining your youthful radiance.