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Detox Cream - The makeover for your skin

17 April 2018

Every spring the same thing is back: Detox! But what does detox really mean and why do we need special detox care products? What is detox for the skin exactly?

Detox is short for "detoxification". In skin care, detox means that the skin is freed from toxins that have accumulated over food, environmental influences, or stimulants such as cigarettes or alcohol. Skin detox is a fasting cure for the skin and therefore fits perfectly into the spring. Bye bye winter! Away with the superfluous kilos on the scales, impure skin and the bad mood! A detox cure for the body can be the right solution.

A detox cure needs to be seen as a holistic approach to improve the wellbeing. This means that during the cure you should also take care of a healthy diet and a good work-life balance. If you feel well and strengthened, it will also show on your skin, too. A youthful, fresh look and a healthy and beautiful skin are closely connected to a healthy body and mind.

A healthy lifestyle and a professional treatment in a beauty salon or spa lay the foundation for a vital metabolism and a radiantly beautiful skin. Detox programs for the skin stimulate the metabolism by cleansing and detoxifying from inside - for a radiant, fresh look, for a rosy complexion without impurities as well as a strong skin barrier.

Here are some prerequisites for the care routines aimed at detoxification of the skin:

Cleansing - every morning and every evening

Please use the cleansing products specific to your skin type to clear the skin of make-up, dirt, sweat and other impurities, and then finish cleansing with a facial tonic. You could for example use our Brightening Face Freshener for demanding Skin or our Micellar Skin Tonic for a more mature skin.

Regular peeling

With a peeling, dead skin cells are removed resulting in a radiant complexion. Get some advice from a trained beautician for the right kind of peeling that best suits your skin type.


Facial steam bath

A steam bath opens the pores and allows a particularly thorough cleaning afterwards. Especially beneficial for skin and mind can also be herbal steam baths. Rosemary and hop extracts revive, essential oils from sage and rosemary cleanse and purify, camomille flower extract soothes and calms, essential oils from lavender and marjoram have balancing properties.

Detox Cream by Janssen Cosmetics with highly concentrated active ingredients

Natural antioxidants, such as the vitamin C to protect proteins against oxidation and vitamin E to protect the lipid membrane are the key ingredients of Detox Cream. It is additionally enriched with a peptide from avocados, which effectively increases cell detoxification and a yeast extract with the polysaccharide α-glucan, that leads to a more even skin. Nourishing properties are provided by the long- and short-chain hyaluronic acids, real Japanese silk and natural NMF factors.