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Cosmeceuticals 4.0

17 January 2018

Everyone is talking about digitalization, some wonder how to implement changes.  Janssen Cosmetics is again the industry leader and is paving the way for you!

Janssen Cosmeceuticals 4.0

This Aachen-based family business develops and sells professional cosmetics for beauty institutes and spas in more than 85 countries worldwide. Janssen Cosmetics introduced its enhanced digitalization and innovation strategy in 2016.

The luxury PLATINUM CARE series, the first product line in the launch of Cosmeceutical 4.0 was modernized and marketed and rapidly became the top selling product series of the company in the following year.

On the 20th anniversary of the company in Vienna in 2017, the new MATURE SKIN anti-aging series was presented. More than 50 international country representations traveled to Austria for this special event. Since then, MATURE SKIN has been successfully distributed worldwide.

At the same time, other individual products were gradually being provided with serial QR codes. These codes allow tracking of the trade route of individual products from the manufacturer to the consumer throughout every country.  With this innovation, the so-called grey market can be contained also illegal sales on the Internet or trademark infringements can be tracked and prevented.

By changing the order picking system to scanner systems, Janssen Cosmetics can capture and circulate products without encountering problems thanks to QR codes or EAN barcodes throughout production, incoming goods and shipping. A significant improvement in the services and performance of the cosmetics company.

With the security coding, it is now also possible to communicate detailed information and promotions to the retailer, the beauty salon and the consumer via the QR code with every smartphone.


JANSSEN COSMETICS is a pioneer in the service of skin health with its product innovations and improvements in service!