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Cosmeceuticals 2.0 (Brand Relaunch)

01 August 2017

Brand positioning and brand relaunch

Towards the end of 2008 - in a still better mood - the management decided to start a concept for a new brand positioning for the entire product architecture and to create a new corporate identity. Eva Mevissen‘s task as Marketing Manager was to plan, manage and implement this brand relaunch for the company. For this purpose, she developed the master plans and despite the crisis, the company gradually began implementing them. The new corporate identity has been defined together with the marketing agency Solutions from Hamburg. The strategy for brand positioning and the brand relaunch was developed simultaneously with the team of B Branded (Oliver Bächstädt and Betina Hubrich). The result was a convincing proposal for the new product range architecture and the packaging design. This was the second relaunch of the company‘s history, an important step in the direction of Cosmeceutical 3.0.

The successful brand relaunch was presented at four international marketing meetings in Düsseldorf, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Atlanta. Almost all foreign representatives participated in these events. This opportunity has been used to present a concept for the complete design renewal of the packaging and a simultaneous modernization of the recipes. The advertising agency Witte in Aachen was responsible for packaging design. The graphic artist Simone Bogenrieder, who has been a companion of our company for many years, produced the graphic designs for packaging components. The renewal of the formulations was a special challenge both for the laboratory Dr. Roland Sacher and for the development manager Jutta Janzen, who had been managing the company’s product development and application techniques for more than ten years now.


On the occasion of the above mentioned international marketing events the Pure Secrets and Mixed Secrets series were first up-lifted and marketed as „Oily Skin“ and „Combination Skin“ in the new design and with new recipes. Eva Mevissen’s Masterplan for the next two years until the end of 2012 projected the re-design of all series, at a pace of about one every three months, in some cases also with new formulations, but sometimes only in new packaging. Sales in 2010 were again significantly increased. The four global marketing meetings had certainly contributed to this success. But it took two years to overcome the crash of 2009 and to pick up again.

During the course of 2011 the packaging of the series Skin Regeneration (Opus Belle), All Skin Types, Demanding Skin (Supreme Secrets), MAN (Opus Est) and Dry Skin (Ultime Secrets) were gradually converted to the new packaging design. Towards the end of the year, the Secrets of Paradise products were changed to „Spa World“ and the small Make Up series combined what had previously been offered under Secret Looks and Perfect Blend. Eva Mevissen had the implementation firmly under control, there were only insignificant delays. Daniela Schmetz-Heckler also had a lot of work to do for many years as she was initiating, preparing the packaging graphics and labeling in eight languages. The new design was well received all over the world and in 2011,the company was again able to perform the sales level of 2008.


2012, the third year of the packaging relaunch, led to the conversion of the following series: SUN (Sun Secrets), Professional Essentials (some assorted cabin products), Ampoules (Skin Excel) as well as the variety of masks, such as Massage Fleece, Dermafleece (collagen masks), Peeling Masks and the Peel off Masks (Phytogen ultra). Among the highlights were the new product series BODY (Body Secrets) and Sensitive Skin (Sensitive Secrets). In both lines only new innovative technologies were used, and those were very popular. Only with the last series, namely „Fair Skin“ as a replacement for White Secrets, there was some timely delay. The line was already presented in 2012 in the Eastern China Sea Spa Resort of Dameisha near Shenzhen. It was the next major event after the jubilee in 2007 and the relaunch events in 2010. „Fair Skin“ however, was only effectively launched in spring of 2013. The reason for the delay was the fact that also for this line the laboratory was intensively working on new, innovative and effective new formulations.